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Found 15 results

  1. I pledge allegiance to Red Legion! -Coco
  2. I pledge allegiance to the Red Legion
  3. hello this topic is not for crash expert i created this because many players got mad by red L on crash. what is RED L? thats where so many Red on crash and its create L pattern on trends tab. how to fight with this kind of red? u have 3 options : 1. STOP BETTING - stop betting untill trend goes normal 2. KEEP BETTING - keep betting but u should cashout under 2x. ex: 1.3x | 1,5x | 1,7x 3. KEEP BETTING, COMBINE CLASSIC WITH TRENDBALL - Do u know u can bet on classic and trend ball on same time?? yeah.. coco already give this cool feature why dont u use it?? for this one, u can bet on classic while bet on RED with same or half bet amount to avoid BUSTED by RED. if u feel trend will go green, bet half amount of classic bet on trend ball, but if u still feel trend will going red, u bet same amount between classic and trendball. u can also bet on Moon if u feel trend will go to the moon. u can also get high amount of wager if u use this tips so u can upgrade your level faster while still making some money.. that's all for now.. if u guys have more option to fight RED L just comments below
  4. I pledge allegiance to the Red Legion
  5. Hello I was wondering how to still pledge my allegiance to the red legion? thank you
  6. ok so here be mah bid in this 10k dogecoin facade heres to my favorite color red* while as a little boy growin up my favorite wrestling tag team was the "legion of doom LOD" so far beit from me to hide anything just as well not my creative short comings of a ill minded acute anxiety unstoppable borderline personality yielding immovable neurosis ... here goes that ultra!!!!!!!! hyperbole! in what has been a eternity blight wars plague and mechanizing the dragons as my people take flight they seek refuge towards infinite darkness armed with wisdom of the celestials having faith that all this dark is bound by the light. Please fear not for me for that im grounded to this soil by all that is greater than honor. My blades in my armory are soiled with leagues of caked on blood from the aim of my hands with penance of my mind all that have fallen beneath me these souls i have claimed me...??!! Because i kill with my heart. Our aging star will devour us along side these everlasting nights my transgresssions will always follow me i cannot bear the thought of you labouring like a slave for the sins of your father this karmic debt must be paid. ill break bread with these souls godspeed you now hold our legacies. RED LEGION!!!!!!!!!! RED LEGION!!!!!!! i cry out loud undauntedly ill surrender my might to the forsaken.. Now there has been a vast sea in between you and me. Youve been calling me all my life ! Following me! and watching me!! with mirrors reflections and shadows ive seen your inability to pierce the veil of hard light now this prism will refract photons bent by your dark matter your gateway will now ensue. My lords i pledge to you my services ill be the mightiest in your legion of doom kneeling before my new masters your bid is my will yes mmmhmm. i understand now yes mmmhmm im i am your servant your wish is my command. In this moment vibing on a frequency like never before , like my dying star just red gianting supernova, im radiating gelatonous plasma from every cell of my core. The end is a new beginning look to the sky i have a new fear all this shit is eternal. If there is a warning then there is a future thus bearing the phrase there is no time like the present damned if you do but dam ned if you dont. so what have you got to lose.???..> maybe just your soul...not yet a watcher.. not quite a seer!! but for NOW!!!!! I walk through the door backwards so RED LEGION I am here.
  7. First Blood And Savage ! #BloodRed
  8. I pledge allegiance to Red Legion!
  9. Hello everyone! We need another section within the BC GAME forum for GENERAL DISCUSSION / MISCELLANEOUS. I have made the request and it almost was met, but here I now request it again. I also want a section at the top of the home page that displays not only the popular posts of the time but the NEW POSTS. I cannot see what people are posting most of the time. Coco, Coco Sis and Devs ... give me this wish and I will be endlessly contributing, I promise. Anyone agree? Say So. xo xo xo Much love. Thank you. I wish for a General Discussion/ Miscellaneous Area a feed to be obvious on the home page with new posts. a million dollars an endless supply of snacks a membership in the red legion once and for all. I know 2 things on this list are in Cocos control.
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