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Found 3 results

  1. I have had my account for almost 2 years now and never had any problems. One day I tried to log in and I get an error message telling me that my account was at risk and to reset my password with email. Well it wouldn’t let me reset so I go to message support and when I click on support chat, it takes me right back to the log in screen. So after a few attempts and going back and back to the log in screen. I don’t know what else to do other than make another account just so I can message support. I message support and then they tell me to email support (LOL) and to provide my last deposit tx address or whatever, my IP address, name, email. Then I was told that it would take 24-72 hours for them to make their decision. I sent the email on January 3rd and I just received an email back tonight and this is what it said: As explicitly stated in our User Agreement, all individuals are allowed one account each. Every player must acknowledge that they understand this requirement prior to successfully registering an account on BC.Game. Upon investigation by our risk management team, your account has been linked to one or more additional accounts on BC.Game, which as a result all accounts in breach of our User Agreement will be terminated, effective immediately. Please note that this applies to all past, present and future BC.Game accounts that we find to be in your control/possession. We take such issues seriously due to past abuse we’ve experienced from multi-account users. so since I was forced to make a second account just to chat with support about why my account was locked, that’s the reason for my account being locked? I’m super confused. oh and not to mention this was right after I just recently made a deposit. I have asked numerous times can I withdraw my money or have it sent back and I have yet to get a response. i understand that some people abuse site privileges and maybe that’s the reason behind the firm stance that’s been taken but this is a common mistake and I deserve atleast to get my money out of my account. Is it even legal for them to just take my money? I understand closing an account but literally stealing funds is crime. ive attached the email below.
  2. So it is very concerning to me that nobody from BC game has released any official messages, or any warnings posted on the website indicating for users that their ETH “node” is currently not in order and therefore withdrawals are suspended. I unfortunately with Drew about $2000 USD worth of ETH over 24 hours ago and still don’t see it on the block chain, Support refuses to give me it back, if it is not on the block chain it is in BC games wallet that is not rocket science. This is very concerning to me and I am going to begin submitting reports to the crypto gamblers association I have already begun posting warning messages on numerous forums and social media platforms warning users that BC game is “not paying“
  3. You guys have scammed my gf out of her withdraw locked her account she can't contact support cos they are useless. I can't contact support for some reason. Scam I'm calling scam. Your support can fix her account thanks
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