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About Me

  1. Drop Diário Fórum Brasil A partir de hoje, um código de carne será aqui. Fique de olho nas quedas aleatórias de Fique de merda neste tópico ✔ certifique-se de ativar uma notificação do fórum ✔ Espero que este presente seja para todos vocês. O primeiro a chegar, primeiro a ser servidor, será postado de forma completamente aleatória Torne-se membro do canal de informação da Comunidade Portuguesa e fique por dentro de tudo. https://t.me/bcgamebrazil
  2. ■ دراپ روزانه انجمن ■ سلام دوستان عزیز . از امروز یک شت ڪد در اینجا به اشتراڪ گذاشته میشه . زمان ارسال شت ڪد نامشخصه نوتیف انجمن رو حتما فعال ڪنید ✔ امیدوارم این هدیه ناقابل قسمت همه تون بشه✌❤ برای اینڪہ از زمان اشتراڪ گذاری شت ڪد مطلع بشید ، ڪــافیه عضو ڪـانال اطلاع رسانی انجمن فارسی بشید . لینــڪ این پست به همراه شماره شت ڪد اشتراڪــے رو می تونید اونجا ببینید . لینڪ ڪـانال اطلاع رسانی چالش های انجمن https://t.me/forumchallenge
  3. In this Topic you can find My Big win Big payout Like My Post https://bc.game/sd/?sd=10J2ITUIENXN2R https://bc.game/sd/?sd=10KJFP75U65D03 https://bc.game/sd/?sd=10KBXXRPVQBPCJ
  4. bc game is scaming new players thinknit just a money laundering site
  5. Why is it so hard for anyone to find a shit code¿? Why not give one shit code per account instead of making it impossible to find.
  6. Checking the forum, Twitter, Instagram, and other Social Media platforms may be the best way. I also believe maybe if you post in the forum and get lots of like, comments, followers etc, Master CoCo may send you something. I don’t know. Make sure to like and follow me and if I ever get sent something I’ll let you all know!! if you have any other methods also be sure to comment them below to help everyone on BC out!! Cheers, Rummel34
  7. I'm a Sarfraz from Pakistan. Where are you from? Are you looking for free earning?
  8. I am so very disappointed by the indifference BC support shows their customers. They take no action towards any level of customer satisfaction or care. My EOS depo is delayed, indefinitely at this point. I have provided plenty of screenshots, txid, any and everything they requested to prove my deposit and I continue to get the response, be patient, there's nothing else we will do for you, if it's not there in another 24 hours contact us again. R u f-ing kidding me? And they refuse to give any sort of apology or show that they care if I ever play here again. No bonus for having to deal with this inconvenience that is entirely their fault. Now before you jump down my throat, I made the transfer 2 hours before they changed EOS addresses and memos. Had they given us any kind of warning they were about to change addresses I would have gladly waited for the change to take effect before attempting the deposit. This is pathetic customer care and I will not be putting any more of my money into this place. Good luck if any of you ever have an issue that needs support to fix. Lastly I want to make clear that the majority of the support staff you deal with are pleasant and helpful. But from what I have been told their hands are tied when it comes to giving any kind of bonus or shitcode or anything to show, we appreciate you as a customer and are very sorry for this inconvenience, have a shitcode and please be patient and understanding. That would have gone a long way instead of, be patient and if it is not there in 24 hours contact us again. It's blockchain, if I show you the txid and screenshots from my wallet showing the transfer and everything else that's proof and I'm sure at the very least you could have credited it to my account while you figured out how you lost it on your end. I should not be screwed because of a problem on your end.
  9. Can I get a shitcode please
  10. I am an Artist would you support me ill giving away my NFTS in return,,,
  11. istraight up busted could use a shitcode or summm
  12. Donde se consiguen los shicodes, compartan un shitcode. Es tan difícil encontrarlos
  13. Viting


    I would like to purchase at least one shitcode.Where can I get it?if you can do it, please share it with me in private messages
  14. HI guys im new here somebody help me how to joint your channel on discord thanks
  15. Hi, Names Jeff. kinda new here. Been playing for about a month now. I like this place allot. There is just one thing I don't like. I'm beginning to think these #shitcodes are fake. I have searched the internet, social media, and here. not one anywhere to be found. Prove me wrong. Until i see one with my own eyes... they dont exist in my eye's...
  16. Hey guys I'm new to bc.game how do I get a shitcode? And what is it exactly?
  17. hello BC game May I have a shit code I've seen them and never gotten any
  18. Hi there, I tried to find a shitcode for more than 3 hours now..... ;( pls gift one to me putted too much work on research
  19. I know they are out there, and I know from time to time they are claimed. But for most suitcases and sweet codes are as elusive as Bigfoot or Want Claus. So I want you to share your shit. B. C. Games was good to you, so show the world, because some of us need to see to believe.
  20. Can you guys help me with a shitcode
  21. New to BC. How's everyone doing? What is a shit code and how to find one?
  22. Tallcantommy


    HI, would you be so kind as to send me a shitcode? Today's experience with BC not honoring a mistake made on their end has been shitty so i figured that a shitty shit code might make things less shitty. Thanks in advance Thomas Campbell
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