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Found 21 results

  1. 99.dog/r/838021133210 So far one time withdraw 100, straight to casino without any problems or delays. I would share screenshot but my posts are hidden when they contain images for some reason.
  2. Mogana


    Hi guys, I'm looking for shit code. Can someone help provide 1 shit code for me............Thanks a lot
  3. 100% legit and u can use the $5 to buy btc in app and send to site https://invite.strike.me/WP6MII
  4. Hello, I am player like u on bc. game. I have lost my all depo around 2000 trx I need your help. Please tip me so that I can cover my deposit. I will appreciate it a lot. Thank you, Hoping for tips. Bye.
  5. Hi, I am Honeybadger, new here and looking for the shit code!
  6. I'm new to this whole thing just was trying to get some pointers and ideas on how to actually make some money at this so far I've not been doing so well as a matter of fact I've kind of me in the hold at the moment trying to figure out how to get out anybody's got some pointers for me I would really appreciate it
  7. Dear BC Game Members, We are excited to do a follow up of New Slots Event and would love to get more in depth feedback and suggestions that you would love to see in a slots game. After all the final game will incorporate your suggestions/feedback. Please base your creative and innovative ideas around slots game. Your suggestions could include newer design, aesthetics, payout table, bonus rounds and more. Any Doge design and themes are also welcome Event Rules -Event is open to all BC Game players -Top constructive and valuable suggestions and feedback will be awarded prizes in Doge coin. -You can enter multiple suggestions, make sure to quote your previous posts. -Editing of suggestions is not allowed, you can quote your previous suggestion if you have something more to add -Forum Rules apply Below attached more sample photos that you can take inspiration from. Lets Built it Together. End date 21.05.2021 10 am UTC(0 +)
  8. Hi im new here anyone can help me where can i get shitcode?? Pls
  9. Hi guys, I'm looking for shit code. Can anyone help each other via shit code............Thanks a lot
  10. Can I get a /shitcode please?
  11. Hey ppl hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. Looking for anyone legit to help me with a few things. Mainly best apps for crypto an stuff. Also if I can get any shitcodes for bc would be awesome . @me pls and I appreciate the view
  12. How do I find shitcodes because I looked everywhere and still can't find anything. So sad . Because I spend a lot time looking for shitcodes to no avail. What am I doing wrong....??
  13. Coco i have never requested a Shitcode nor a Sweetcode I am a loyal member and am a valuable player for continuing to make your greedy ass more and more money. So i demand from you a Special ShitCode dedicated only too your valued and loyal players. SUCH AS MYSELF
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