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Found 10 results

  1. In May 2021, BCDash announced a change made to the help section on the forums that allowed for questions and answers to receive upvotes (and downvotes) which would allow marking the most relevant answers to questions and as a result, would help future members more quickly find the more relevant answers. I propose that the Upvoting feature be added for the Suggestions & Feedback sub-category of the forum so that suggestions or features that are considered more strongly desired by the community as a whole can be given relevant support through the use of member upvotes, helping to organize ideas and present them in order of what is most prominently desired by the community. This also allows the staff to focus and/or give greater consideration to features and suggestions that members have shown the most interest in having implemented and may offer a more efficient means of determining what features are the most important to the community. This would also help prevent double posts or double suggestions from some of the most commonly requested features as they will appear at the top and have greater visibility, making it less likely that users will repost about a feature that's already known to be highly desired and commonly requested. Thank you for your consideration!
  2. As the title says. I find it quite annoying that you can't see the value of your bet in Fiat in several in-house games. Having to do quick calculations or guess how much you are betting is not optimal at all.
  3. Here's another idea that I think a lot of players would welcome. I know there's been a lot, and I mean A LOT of talk and complaints about the BCD unlocking process. I'm certainly not a fan of the system myself. BC.game doesn't want to use the type of bonus most casinos do - you get a chunk of extra money when you deposit but can't withdraw the money until you have wagered a certain multiplier. My guess is that they don't want people to deposit, get bonus, lose the bonus and log off to wait for the next opportunity to obtain a bonus. That might be a decent way to attract new players, or at least make them aware of your casino. But as soon as the bonus is gone, they'll leave - most likely to hunt for a bonus somewhere else. So BC.game rather build the community slow and steady and gain loyal customers who stick around. Therefore, no fast bonuses. As a customer though, I kind of feel that it's a bit pointless to give me a deposit bonus that I can't use right away. In fact, I can only use $10 for every $4000 I wager. That's a bit of a let down for me, because that $10 more often than not won't make much difference. Especially not compared to getting $120 in bonus available all at once. The old system was worse though! So this system is at least a sign that BC.game is willing to compromise - some. My hope is that BC.game will compromise a tiny bit more. I Present To You Rakeback/Unlock Combo! Well, kind of. At least similar. Either the rakeback system could be used as is, but for unlocking BCD. Pay 20,000 JB and boost your BCD unlocking process by x% Do as many third party providers do with their slots. Give the players an opportunity to add x% to their current bet (I'd suggest somewhere between 5-15%), in order to speed up the BCD unlock process. For example. Lets say I'm playing Egyptian Adventure, and my bets are ranging between $0.05 - $0.1. I now get an option to add 10% to every bet I make ($0.055 - $0.11). What the players gain from this is the following. For as long as the option to add 10% extra on my bets, I will unlock my BCD 20% faster. If this option is active during the whole process, it will be enough to wager $3200 in order to unlock $10 BCD. Maybe you even get the choice between 5% extra bet to unlock BCD 10% faster, 10% extra bet to unlock 20% faster and 15% extra bet to unlock 25% faster. How about that? Now BC.game is like "Yeah, we can see why it would be great for you guys maybe. But what about us!?". Okay, so here is the sweet part for BC.game. Let's say I enable the option to bet 10% extra on all my bets, to unlock BCD 20% faster. Wagering $100 will inow be to wager $110, so far everyone is with me I hope. Let's take a single bet to make my point clear. I bet $1 (+10%) = $1.1 at whatever game. I lose that bet, so I've lost $1.1. Okay? I make the same bet again, so $1.1 betting at whatever game again. This time I win, and the multiplier is 5x. Normally if I bet $1.1 and win a 5x multiplier I would win $5.5 ($4.4 in profit). But in exchange for the quicker unlocking process, the extra 10% of my bet doesn't count when I win. Instead it's the base bet without the extra % that counts, and my bet is counted as $1 instead of $1.1, so my win is 5x multiplier and gives me $5 (of which $3.9 is profit). Now, what about that!? I think both my ideas are awesome, maybe the second one a bit more than the first one.
  4. Both these ideas are something I literally just came up with, and thought they were interesting enough to share. I'm sure they both could be improved upon. Dual Coin Bet Allowing people to bet two different coins in one game. Example: Bob is more or less exclusively using TRX when he's playing at BC.game. However, he does get BCD from time to time - either from rain, leveling his VIP level or by unlocking them. For whatever reason, Bob just doesn't want to switch and play with BCD, and he doesn't want to exchange them for TRX either (don't ask me why Bob is being a d!ck, that's just how Bob is!). Anyway, let people bet more than 1 coin at the same time! I have no idea if it can be implemented for the 3rd party slots, but it shouldn't be a problem for the in-house games. As an example, I could bet 0.01 LTC and 0.00000050 BTC at the same time when playing HiLo. When losing, you of course lose both coins and when winning you win the x multiplier of the win for both coins. (so if I win 5x then my total win would be 0.05 LTC and 0.00000250 BTC). I often find myself having a little of this and a little of that in my BC.game wallet. Many times it's not enough to actually using it for playing, but it could provide a small boost alongside the coin I'm actually playing with. Buddybetting Buddybetting allows players to place bets in other peoples games (probably need some limitation here, like that maybe 5 people at most can bet on the same players games. And probably a way to allow others to bet on my games). You could say this is an evolution of the auto-roll function that all(?) in-house games has. You wish to auto-roll, but with a human touch (i.e, someone who changes seed from time to time, or that pass a few turns on crash if they have a feeling a bad streak will come up). So Bobbylina (diversity is important!) is playing crash. She changes bet from time to time and play with different coins and what not. Maybe I have seen that she seems to be pretty lucky in her games, or maybe we're just good friends (or something). Either way, Bobbylina has turned on the options to let others place bets in the games she is playing. When I click on her name a window, very simmilar to the autoroll options pop up. Here I can decide how much I wish to bet, if I only wish my bets to be valid at the game she is playing right now (or if the bet should follow if she changes to play Limbo for example), I'll also put in the maximum amount I am prepared to lose (this is mandatory to fill in so people don't accidently lose everything - or it could be like a special type of wallet where you have to make an active deposit on your limits), and maybe some other useful options. One extra option could be that Every time I win on Bobbylina's game she will get 5% of my profit (or 1% or 10%, I don't know?). If you are good (have good luck in gaming) others would want to bet on your games as well, and you will also make a bit of extra cash.
  5. Hi . I was wondering maybe it's a good idee to make a Dutch chat room
  6. Hi guys I've tried several times to encourage admins to update the in-house keno single game to have instant bet/lightning speed button as here is the only place that forces you to only play keno with the animations. Kenos better when faster. I don't ask much but please think it would be better for everyone to hit those keno wins quicker from my projections if bc game adds this feature to keno I expect the casino will grow to a Fortune 500 company within 3 months
  7. W0NGA

    Keno upgrade

    I am a massive keno single fan. Some suggestions on improving bc games version as it falls behind other sites. Add an instant bet feature, the current game can be slow paced and we want a faster betting option. Add the option to save your favourite numbers on keno single. this has been done on the classic version, why not keno single. Auto bet, add more advanced controls . Example, allow a user to choose increase on loss on x number of losses . The ability to change patterns on each win/loss whilst on auto ( this will make your keno an exception to the competition ) Good luck keno fans
  8. I've just lost more than $5000 playing Limbo game,. I play payout only 1.98 meaning that If I bet $1, if it appear in Green, I get $0.98 back. If it appears in Red, I will lose $1. So there should be 50/50 probability for my case. Anyway the game always appears Red more than Green. The more money I bet, the more time Red appears. This look unfair. I've lost my hard-earned money by this system. There should be 50/50 chance for this game, but in fact Red always appears more than Green. I've also tested with Auto bet 100 Rows many times. The longer I test, the more money I lose, and my balance always decreases! Please check my attach files as proof. These are all bets in rows. U will see clearly when u test it yourself ! this proves is not equal, and on the website, there is no recognition from the best-known Audit or regulator company! I really need your all help for this case, and want you all to test together and share the result: 1- Game : Limbo 2- Autobet : 100 Bets 3- Time of testing : 20 Times 4- Payout : 1.98 only Please comment how your result? how your balance before play and after play. I already contacted with Mods, but they just sent me the text to read. I finish read it all, but it look like it just theory, in practically, Limbo is not a fair game. I need solution for this. I need compensate for my lose. I need you all help together to make fairness in the game. Thank you !
  9. I'm not very technically savvy so I don't know how to do this, but I'd really appreciate it if someone could help with this project, basically I just want to track the numbers called in the keno game multiplayer. ThereS tons of data in the history already, and I think it would be interesting to see the patterns of numbers called. Unlikely to get a edge with this information but I would still like to see it, even if it was just for like the last 1000 games. So like i know how many times a 11 was called in the last1000 games.
  10. Hey so I have been dealing with the headache of scrolling through the whole list of crypto to find where I hold my value. I personally think you should make it to where we have the option to list our assets in order of value, i.e. if we have 1.5 xmr and 300 trx and .5 ltc they show up in the top three slots of the wallet and opposed to the top middle and bottom of the list. Just my thoughts. Let me know if this is possible and let me know if you agree let's make it happen.
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