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Found 4 results

  1. W0NGA

    Keno upgrade

    I am a massive keno single fan. Some suggestions on improving bc games version as it falls behind other sites. Add an instant bet feature, the current game can be slow paced and we want a faster betting option. Add the option to save your favourite numbers on keno single. this has been done on the classic version, why not keno single. Auto bet, add more advanced controls . Example, allow a user to choose increase on loss on x number of losses . The ability to change patterns on each win/loss whilst on auto ( this will make your keno an exception to the competition ) Good luck keno fans
  2. I've just lost more than $5000 playing Limbo game,. I play payout only 1.98 meaning that If I bet $1, if it appear in Green, I get $0.98 back. If it appears in Red, I will lose $1. So there should be 50/50 probability for my case. Anyway the game always appears Red more than Green. The more money I bet, the more time Red appears. This look unfair. I've lost my hard-earned money by this system. There should be 50/50 chance for this game, but in fact Red always appears more than Green. I've also tested with Auto bet 100 Rows many times. The longer I test, the more money I lose, and my balance always decreases! Please check my attach files as proof. These are all bets in rows. U will see clearly when u test it yourself ! this proves is not equal, and on the website, there is no recognition from the best-known Audit or regulator company! I really need your all help for this case, and want you all to test together and share the result: 1- Game : Limbo 2- Autobet : 100 Bets 3- Time of testing : 20 Times 4- Payout : 1.98 only Please comment how your result? how your balance before play and after play. I already contacted with Mods, but they just sent me the text to read. I finish read it all, but it look like it just theory, in practically, Limbo is not a fair game. I need solution for this. I need compensate for my lose. I need you all help together to make fairness in the game. Thank you !
  3. I'm not very technically savvy so I don't know how to do this, but I'd really appreciate it if someone could help with this project, basically I just want to track the numbers called in the keno game multiplayer. ThereS tons of data in the history already, and I think it would be interesting to see the patterns of numbers called. Unlikely to get a edge with this information but I would still like to see it, even if it was just for like the last 1000 games. So like i know how many times a 11 was called in the last1000 games.
  4. Hey so I have been dealing with the headache of scrolling through the whole list of crypto to find where I hold my value. I personally think you should make it to where we have the option to list our assets in order of value, i.e. if we have 1.5 xmr and 300 trx and .5 ltc they show up in the top three slots of the wallet and opposed to the top middle and bottom of the list. Just my thoughts. Let me know if this is possible and let me know if you agree let's make it happen.
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