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About Me

Found 8 results

  1. Let me feed the addiction lol jk but you can gamble for free this way https://freecash.com/r/Rickyswife I’m earning money by completing tasks like testing apps or playing games on https://freecash.com/r/Rickyswife. If you sign up through my link you can open a free case and win up to $250. https://freecash.com/r/Rickyswife If you sign up using my link I do get an affiliate reward from the site it does not cost you anything to do this or be kind to others I've made $135.00 USD from this site and cashed straight to my bc wallet in ltc. Minimum cash out in ltc is 500 coins or 50 cents takes anywhere from 10 seconds to 3 minutes to get 500 coins depending on the task. Sometimes you get a lot more than that really fast too
  2. Daj mi napiwek, wrócę podwójnie po 2 godz. PROSZĘ !!
  3. var config = { bet: { label: 'Apuesta', value: currency.minAmount, type: 'number' }, payout: {label: 'Retirada', type: 'radio', value: 2.0, options: [{value: 2.00, label: '2x'}, {value: 1.40, label: '1.4x'}, {value: 2.20, label: '2.2x'}, {value: 2.30, label: '2.3x'}]}, } function main () { var current = config.bet.value; engine.on('GAME_STARTING', function () { var latest = engine.getHistory()[0]; if(latest.crash > 199) { // verde engine.bet(current, config.payout.value); } }); engine.on('GAME_ENDED', function () { var latest = engine.getHistory()[0]; // If we wagered, it means we played if (!latest.wager) { return; } // perdimos if (!latest.cashedAt) { log.info('Perdimos ' + current + currency.currencyName); current = current * 2; } else { current = config.bet.value; } }); }
  4. Hey Guy GTRDaD here I would love to know some strategy ideas and advice that's not a secret. I'm just struggling to get my level up and would like to know your strategy that worked best for you. If anyone is feeling generous enough to send a tip or code shit my way I'd really appreciate it. Btw I can level up playing with JB as well correct ?
  5. Mendapatkan Hanya Dengan Top Up dan Tidak perlu repot repot Deposit hanya saja Teliti dengan stretegi.jangan lupa sabar Untuk Mendapatkan hadiah.dan memenangkan permainan. Yg menjadikan Uang Milyaran
  6. Everytime BC drums up a bad ass promo involving some kind of shitcoin, i.e. TP, Xmas, among others, There is super limited rooms for blackjack and I end up playing with total nincompoops who have no grasp of the game .. doubling on 20s and 17s. Can the Devs make an extra effort during these promos to ensure more solo tables are available? Pliiis lol
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