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About Me

Found 6 results

  1. Ok people how about some Shitcodes Share and share alike
  2. Yet I still end up busted and broke. Degenerate lifestyle.
  3. BC GAME LOVE AWARD CONTEST! Here at BC we've all seen our share of up's and down's in the moods of both the playes and staff however every now and then we find a certian someone whos wonderful and uplifting nature relly stands out over the rest. Recently a player by the name of Vanjess was trying so hard to earn a medal but could not understand why she just couldnt get it as she had been trying so exceptionally hard to get it, you see Vanjess was mistaken as to what the awrd was exactly and had the impression that to win the award you had show love to the players, there was one thing however that really had the mod Lillybitch take a swecond look at this young lady... after Vanjess was told thet she had not understood properly and would not be receving any award, Vanjess continued to show the love and encouragement on wide scale to the players, when asked if she understood, Vanjess agreed that she did infact know there was no award but that she lied to be uplifting to the other players, this touched LIllybitch"s heart and she thought to herself "there really should be a love award" and decided that the only reason there isnt is because we havent made it yet so she comtacted BitsCheerful and the two of us went over a few ideas in our heads and came up with the BC LOVE AWARD... The BC LOVE AWARD will be made in limited edition with only 20 to be won, there will be many players competeing for this award and its monetary prixe of 500 DOGE per winner and will be paid out by both LIllybitch and BitsCheerful. When a winner is chosen they will have their own personalized award photo posted her to this forum post and the prize will be paid to their wallets as a tip from either Lillybitch or BitsCheerful Winning is simple in the sense that all you have to do is be kind and positve to other players, special attention will be placed on those who find ways to go above and beyond in their quest to show the people here at BC just how great love can be Winning is also very difficult as again only 20 players will recieve this award and many people will be competeing so you will have a better chance at being chosen for the 500DOGE prize if you can find the most positive ways of helping out or shareing love now, just to be 100% clear, this contest and prize are NOT a part of the BC GAME awards or prizes in any way shape or form, This award is being hosted and paid for 100% and completely by Lillybitch mod and BitsCheerful the most awesomer chick in the world! CONGRATULATIONS VANJESS ON BEING THE FIRST PLAYER TO RECIEVE THE BC LOVE AWARD, YOUR CONTINUED LOVE AND KINDNESS IS NOT UNNOTICED AND YOU ARE A TRUE PATRIOT OF LOVE WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT THIS WOLD NEEDS, IN HONOR OF YOUR EXCEPTIONAL HARD WORK AND KINDNESS HERE IS THE FIRST EVER BCLOVE AWARD!
  4. Here is a strategy that I have been working on. so far in about 30-45 minutes I went from .002 to .005 EOS although it is a small amount it could be much higher if I had more than .01 cents lol. The strategy is much like the martingale strategy as you will multiply on each loss but on a win in this strategy you will not go back down to your base bet. you will simply go down half of the winning bet. I usually start my bets at the minimum 0.000000100 EOS. If I get to close to the .001 mark I will attempt to change my seed and do a couple of turns. if that doesn't work(which it usually does) I accept loss and start over from my base bet. If I continue the bet and with multiplying and dividing and My bet makes it way back down to the base bet I will change my seed then. My seed does not usually make it past 50 -70 nonce. When doing the bets I usually set my payout to 2.2X I have went as high as 4 X with success. By doing this strategy you are essentially betting till you win then the next turn you are betting half, or a third or a quarter of you last win depending on what multiplier you have set your payout to. It is important to set the multiplier to no less the 2 times for payout anything lower will end up being a long drawn out loss in the end.... trust me. Here are some examples: start betting with .000000100 EOS with a multiplier of 2.2 X 1st bet lose change bet to .000000200 2nd bet lose change bet to .000000400 3rd bet lose change bet to .000000800 4th bet lose change bet to .000001600 5th bet win change bet to .000000800 6th bet win change bet to .000000400 7th bet lose change bet to .000000800 8th bet win change bet to .000000400 9th bet win change bet to .000000200 10th bet win change bet to .000000100 change seed here and start over. If you don't know how to change your seed. There is a button at the bottom of the game that says 'seed' click this button and find the button on the bottom of the seed page that says 'change seed' and click on that button you will notice under the 'current seeds' section some text labeled 'Nonce' this is a really good indicator of how many times you have rolled. HAPPY GAMBLING EVERYONE and I really hope that this helps people out.... Feel free to post your strategies and share your wins with us. I love seeing people win. Makes me happy.
  5. HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE! This year will bring good luck to everyone!
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