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NEW TRX Smart Contract

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!! !TronMakers (TRX) Smart Contract | Launches Worldwide In 5 Days! !!

This is a New Dapp on Tron Blockchain, Join my team and make money with me!!

Currently This is only for Leaders not for Public its in Prelaunch for Leaders Only.

Its very easy, click my referral link or enter dash.tronmakers.com/?refId=1014

Referral ID TronMakers --> https://dash.tronmakers.com/?refId=1014


1. Make sure your wallet has at least 1010 TRX (Tron) to cover start up registration and fees

2. Visit https://dash.tronmakers.com/?refId=1014

 3. Once on the website scroll to the bottom close to where it says SIGN UP, enter the Sponsor's ID number there ( Referral ID ) then click SIGN UP tab to process your sign up, patiently wait a few moments and registration should be complete

!!**Contact me on Telegram if there are any questions @Shawnf92 **!!


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