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Provably Fair? Provably Not.

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BC 3.0 has so many bugs, so many blatant algorythm crypto grabs, Rains are fucked up now, Everyones basically getting JB on the Daily Wheel, If you get TURTLE you should buy a lotto Ticket, The Coinbags were great, they were being collected by real people again, now, are being Autograbbed again, Provably no longer comes into play on this site, No matter the seed, cryptocurrency, bet size, the very noticable changes to our favourite games are full repo, the wheel is more fucked up than it was pre-3.0. 

The Upgrade saw the bank profits reset back to 0 in turn resetting hit chances back to repo modes,  The regular VIP are screaming and the SVIPs are being raped. Hell, support will refuse to close your account if you ask. They argue with you instead for half an hour. This is an Illegal practice in itself for a casino.

I think its time that there was a complete 3rd party audit on BC Game, the source code is open source, sure, but the algorythms are not provably fair. 

Take the Wheel for example. it is a 1/50 chance of a hit on each bet.. A number from 1 to 50  is selected through their SHA blah blah bullshit that was likely copied and pasted from somewhere. Now i have clocked over 800 spins repeatidly where i have somehow NOT ever landed on 50. Thats over half a day of constant playing. Support advised there was a 2% chance per spin to hit the 50. How has it consistently taken over 800 spins and only drop a mercy hit when you run out of crypto.


If you want proof that there is something seriously wrong with BC and its algos for Rains, Drops and Hits.. Just sit and peruse the chat rooms for 10 mins.. Take note of each VIP's Level complaining and you will see that there is a pattern.

BTW, What is a Sweetcode? Aside the AMA promo of 1eth last year, noones said they have seen one.

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