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A Site’s Integrity Shows Through Reviews

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Any site that is supposed to be of the highest integrity and trusted due to moral and ethical obligations (I.e. not cheating or rigging in an attempt to gain anything of value) can always be measured by their reviews. 

On trustpilot, the review page for bc.game has been flagged as having dishonest reviews. It’s the good reviews that all seem to follow the same response pattern which is as obvious as the blatant unfairness on this site. It’s really kind of an insult to the intelligence of the players.  Sure the words “provably fair” make the site seem like there is no way their games can be rigged. But there are ways. And they exploit these ways very evidently throughout the game play. 

If a site that is supposed to have the highest ethical and moral code, and is supposed to be completely and utterly upfront and honest in every single interaction, has to rig something like their reviews, are they really that trustworthy?  Ironically, if they held themselves to the high standards that they claim to hold and actually were fair and had games that were not blatantly rigged, they would likely receive legitimate good reviews and not have their fairness questioned.

Even their deceitful marketing where they claim to be “provably fair” should show that they aren’t trustworthy. If they were transparent, they would explain how this provable system works but further explain that if the site generates the client seed and the server seed on its own, then it absolutely can rig games but still technically be considered “provably fair”. Change your seed to one you make up and see if you start to have an actual fair chance.  Just change it often as their robots are quick to pick up these patterns and adjust accordingly to rig it back against you. 

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