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Best ways to get ShitCode or SweetCode

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Checking the forum, Twitter, Instagram, and other Social Media platforms may be the best way.

I also believe maybe if you post in the forum and get lots of like, comments, followers etc, Master CoCo may send you something. I don’t know. Make sure to like and follow me and if I ever get sent something I’ll let you all know!! 

if you have any other methods also be sure to comment them below to help everyone on BC out!! 




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Posted (edited)

I've noticed that Danny generally posts them around 6-7am. Little friendly knowledge from me to you. 😉


The ? I have is this...


Is the forum time, MY TIME? Or is it a set time for wherever the server is?

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Dear Manager 

I've been working so long in BC you still don't know if I'm real or fake.I only work on this account.
I told you to close  account. I said angrily that my mod was not getting any response.
There is nothing wrong with me.
I wanted to be in the mod job, I would never think of that again
If you think I have someone else, delete it.
This is my only account I want to work on.
You are requested to return my account which I closed myself.
My mail bc
User name 
How can I explain that I am telling the truth and I have only one account.
In Pakistan, IP address and mobile change are frequent.
But the servant would be the same.
Please unlock my account 

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