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🧻Toilet Paper War 🧻

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On 4/2/2020 at 7:02 PM, 🐊C0C0🐊 said:

🧻Toilet Paper War🧻

Get Your Share Of The 10 BTC Event Jackpot! 





We just discovered that bankers all over the world have been buying all the toilet paper so they can use it to print fiat currencies on.  💸💩


Well, we are here to protect your butts. We have a huge supply of TP 🧻 and it will never be used to inflate fiat.

Come get your TP coins, crypto community. 🧻


TP hoarding has never been so rewarding





How to get fresh TP-Coin?

1️⃣Telegram Warm-up
We have a week-long warm-up at the official telegram channel of BC.Game where we will give away 10 TP-Coin when you join us. In addition, if you invite friends to our channel, you and your friend will get 10 TP-Coin respectively.
Telegram warm-up will start at UTC-5 1 April 20th 00:00 and end at UTC-5 April 26th 23:59

Wager 1USD (Support BTC/ETH/XRP/DOGE/USDT) to mine 1 TP-Coin
Don’t have those coins? No problem, there are other ways. See below.

3️⃣Daily TP-Coin Faucet 
You have a chance to win 100-1000 TP-Coin every time you grab the toilet paper! 
You will get more chances to grab if you invite friends to the war. Up to 5 extra chances everyday!

4️⃣Invite Friends
Invite 1 friend to join the war and you will get 30% of her/his TP-Coin.
For example: You invited Coco and Coco mined 100 TP-Coin through wagering the supported coins.Then you will get 30 TP-Coin (Note: You will need to claim those TP-Coin at AFFILIATE page).

5️⃣Find TP-Coin sweetcodes in the forum
Click this link to be redirected back to this post.😏








🧻 🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻🧻



Rewards Details


🧻The war will start at UTC-5 April 27th 00:00 and end at UTC-5 May 3rd 23:59

🧻During the war, top 50 TP-Coin holders will share 0.1BTC+bankroll share everyday (the rank is based on the how many you collected daily).

🧻The final jackpot will be sent out on the 10th day, top 50 TP-Coin holders will share 1BTC+Bankroll share.

🧻 Jackpot up to 10BTC. 

🧻Distribution ratio:
🥇17.7% of the final jackpot for 1st holder
🥈13.3% for 2nd holder
🥉9.7% for 3rd holder
🏅7.2% for 4th holder 
🎖5.1% for 5th holder 
💫2.4% for 6th~10th holders 
💫1.3% for 11th~20th holders
💫0.9% for 21th~30th holders
💫0.7% for 31th~40th holders 
💫0.6% for 41th~50th holders 



  • TP-Coin will be recalled for banknote-printing purpose after the war.
  • Players can’t Coindrop/Rain/Tip/Withdraw/Deposit TP-Coin.
  • Any player who attempts to use multiple accounts will be disqualified and banned from all collection of winnings and bonuses.
  • All Cheaters will be made fun of by everyone and humiliated by Coco's butt without mercy. 

It’s a war!

No holds are barred.

Go get that TP!



رویداد جالبیه 😍 . Amazing event 😍

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tp coin congrats toilet paper 

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Toilet paper???

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Still waiting to see these sweetcodes in the forums..


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