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unfairly given shitcode to all user bc game

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On 11/14/2021 at 6:51 PM, Boniface4Uolls said:

why is there no regular time for the bc game staff to give the code and why only large level vips are given priority???? 


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Yall need to install and follow BC on Telegram. They do flash drops everyday, it's at random times but it does notify you. Have to be quick though cause they usually gone in about 15 minutes 

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To ask why vip have priority (though radically incorrect) even "if it wasn't " is an ignorant question,..out the gate. 

What does the acronym VIP stand for?....hmmm... ahhhh the answer to your question was answered within your question. Nevertheless...I may be personally to blame 50/50 along with those whom I bitched about. I never got flash drops up and till I suggested that they be adequately categorized drops.. in relative respects of vip sub-groups..  reason: those whom have not earned certain rights or vip classifications are particularly those whom do nothing but loiter &  spam the chat with b s. In hopes of rains/airdrops/flashes... whilst those of us whom actually EARN OUR CLASSES. HAVE OTHER "PRIORITIES" such as legitimately  & habitually betting &  funding the very flashdrops you ignorantly assume we have prioritized choosings over. In short..... We are too busy to catch our EARNED rewards....before all the squatters/loiterers/spammers. Catch them all.  So the specifications attached to a flashdrop give us an extra 1-2minutes to notice a notification...and hopefully catch prior to deactivation thereof. Reason 1.5 is... I couldn't use my notifications to catch a flash drop...due to the freeloaders blowing up my phone with nothing but trash. So.. I am still inconveniently disadvantaged either way... henceforth "The Reasoning to the answer" and answer. I digress. Join telegram chat & notifications...and be attentive & quick. Happy betting.

Oh...and the blind timing is the only aspect that truly gives the whole operation any formality of fairness at all. With out that... you would never catch one.

~🙃"Humility is the 🧑‍🌾 seed for Humanity"~👥 ₩.§.³³👣

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