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  1. Hello coc sis. Regarding this upgrade BcGame 3.0, it is ok. The interface is good and it is easy to navigate. I love to play crash and limbo and lost most of my coins. I played other games also and I find it much better to use compared before. Though the tasks are quite heavier compared before where I can get 0.002 EOS and now there is no more opportunity to get it daily. The notification section is quite easy to access as well as the games where we can see all the games in a single click. Also, the additional BCD coins is a good starting gift but we lost it on our first day task. Hope we can have that daily. I haven't found any shit code yet after navigating different locations. It's quite aloof to me. Thanks for upgrading this site. Kudos!
  2. I suggest a medal of valor for the most big wins (Those who won at least five times of a 100X winning bets or more of 0.001 BTC or 0.02 ETH in crash game) within a day. A medal of BIG LOSSER for the one who top the most amount of losses in a day. A medal of LOYALTY to the one who never missed a day logging in the site for the duration of the day.
  3. Since I joined this game I only got one shit code.
  4. Top wager and top loser medals Also loyalty medal and long-time spender in bc games.
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