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  1. Betting ID: 39741044627079308 231.6x Betting ID: 39741044627079344 631.3x here you go meh
  2. hey CoCo whats up on a sweet code or even shitcode thanks!!!!
  3. So today I was playing the new Egyptian game and my credits in the game said like 125 xlm when I got out of it and back to main screen it was down to 27 xlm so that maybe a bug or something to look at , tasks are crazy hard especially for someone like me that transferred 6 months of vip , like for my level it’s crazy 15,000$ a day wager lol I don’t think so bob , also I think when you roll and get double JB that’s not cool it’s 1 time every 25 hours I think you should go back to the turtle coin since you guys want 1 million to cash it out , , but other then having to get used to the new layout I think it’s fine
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