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  1. If the site isnt running some type of AI its doing something wrong, honestly. so it would be just training another model. I wrote a generator script so that I can throw different patterns of seeds to an AI and see if there was any noticeable outcome. (not to get the rolls but to see if theres certain seeds that provide less extreeme losses based on certain strategies)....granted i havent done the AI part yet lol......... I hate douchebags honestly that pray on people. I mean the things I code are mainly for me to learn but I did 1 time venture into hiding source using a custom packing method but i just wanted to see if i could. never used it or deployed it. I can easily write scripts that will do what they are supposed to but also do a little extra but im not out to mess peoples lives up. Granted I have always been evil as shit usually never had ill will towards people until i let the wrong people around and became homeless for 2 years.....well i was going down a terrible path and then one day i found a gambling site. and then some code. and then i dropped all that dum stuff I was doing and all the people in my life and started learning programming. im self taught too. lol this video motivated me as well figured Id share. ```https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtNYzv8gLbs``` i dont know what was happening (probably my script blockers wouldnt let me paste the link but i found a way. Kali is meant to be used as a hacking OS and not really meant for daily driving but it can be made to do so like setting up users and privileges id have to find some info for you if you dont know about that already. but im sure you do.
  2. well lets shift your attention this way. they had "aim bots/hacks" for like the first counter strike and that was like 100 years ago. so imagine what is possible now. i wouldn't even use the image itself but the dom element instead. but even trying to change that or defining a random class name wouldnt make a different because no matter what the source would need to "create it" and i would step through until i find the spot and then reuse the sites code to do what i want....but thats just me i like to work hard in order to learn the craft while doing things i enjoy. but you know what would get me... CSS I cant seem to css worth a thing.
  3. Yep totally agree although i think there might be something that can be used with tranining AI and incorporating it to detect certain things. and with WASM becoming a standard now i think that would literally be something to look into as you can code it in stuff that isnt JS and then the user cant really interact against it... (might still have work arounds but hey shooting for the stars here. Im stuck on literally every project for one reason or another. except my automation of simple things. and thats not really projects more like scripts. and lol i was using sub7 back in when i was 12 or 13 for hacking people. but havent really done much hacking since. except for that last line if your tag, I done of a lot of that stuff.
  4. Unfortunately, all of the above suggestions can be bypassed fairly easily using code. I'm new to the site and I haven't really coded anything for here but automating things has become a religion for me lol. However, there are some things with application state and web-sockets or even with cookies/tokens I have in mind, feel free to pm me or telegram me for more details. Note: im a beginner coder so I don't have exact details but have general ideas and understanding that might help. (but generally you want to make it the least inconvenient for the end user a maximum work for coders first to even figure out whats happening and second to come up with a solution to the problem, but even my ideas can be bypassed. essentially anything can ) I have been looking for little side projects such as this that I can use to add to my portfolio and to learn from so I would be glad to help in anyway. I just realized this post is kind of old so if this has already been addressed please disregard.
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