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  1. shit can anyone clue me in to how i can go back and get my bet id? aside from the two that have em... thanks guys \
  2. yeah i didnt read the whole thread, apologies
  3. this thread baffles me. in my 80k + wager history I have NEVER come close to hitting even 100x. I have never seen a bonus round ffs lol. thought it was fake until i opened this thread.
  4. yep says the guy with a whopping $317 total wager. it's likely because of people like you that they don't dish them out as often anymore. i've wagered how much? and i've never gotten one. still you won't hear me complaining...
  5. 2 hours in shitcode time is decades in human time.
  6. Chris89


    I am so sick seeing shit like this and people complaining about how they lost their entire wad. STOP BEFORE IT HAPPENS. IF YOU'RE LOSING CONSISTENTLY, STOP. COME BACK ANOTHER TIME. This is a casino. The only sole purpose of its existence is to take your money and put it into Chris's already-well-lined pockets ffs. It is a C A S I N O.
  7. thank heavens you got a code. you have quite the hearty wager there. almost 1500$ wow. impressive
  8. 8 minutes after you post and their inactive already. ffs you cheap bastard.
  9. this is why shit codes should be only for those who have wagered a decent amount ^. $4.47. smh.
  10. thank you. for absolutely nothing.
  11. Zero codes, zero BNB. Going on 3 days of waiting now for my BNB w/d. Three days ffs.
  12. Need a so called 'shitcode'. Please keep it active fir more than 5 mins. I deserve this. Been waiting for my BNB wd for over a day now....... CS has no idea when devs will have node 'fixed' (not sure what that means and i am a total computer nerd). Thanks in advance.
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