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  1. Im A platinum VIP with 1.8M wager and im not playing anymore in here. how they takecare of VIP benefits is the worst compared to stake and roobet. it lacks in many aspect. and the games is noticeably has less provability of winning. it doesnt feel right the lost streak. well i guess they will just find another players to milk. imoutahere
  2. This place is a scam. when ever you raise your bet the system knows and you will lose non stop. goodluck to those gamblers being milked.
  3. Reminder: greed will take you nowhere. it is for player and specially for the house. soon enough people will realize that games are not fair.
  4. Lets say you put 50% win chance and even change the seed. if you play you at the first few bet you will see you will have some wins. then after a few while you cany win anymore thats when they remove the rng and decide thay you are bound to lose. they are smart on this field
  5. It is for sure rigged the way verification works. try it on another verifier if it will work. it dont work on me.
  6. As far as the games go. you will see that after awhile there will always be a bad streak that will continue until your empty. It always happens. Did you experience it?
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