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    Hey @Danny777 shitcide pkease
  2. Jordy


    Man this is bull how long are they even active for
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    Dam bro Im always late for this
  4. Jordy

    Hi lo

    Hey idk if its only on my phone but whenever i wanna play hi lo i have to restart the app because it gets stuck
  5. Without investment just link your ltc wallet and let it do its job.... Minimum withdraw is 0.0025 for free account and you make 0.0025 a day for free. To withdraw make sure to link your email... Enjoy https://ltcminer.com/1564231
  6. Howdy there my name is Jordy and i have to admit there is a couple times when BC.Game pisses me off but majority of times are amazingly enjoyable....
  7. 1. Its not just a game its a profitable play at BC.Game. 2. BC.Game, a players paradise
  8. Bc. Game shitcode coco please
  9. Nice coco... i love you
  10. Nice coco.... I love you
  11. #BCGame Sweetcode# Nice coco..... I love you
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