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  1. BC.Game Best Chance Gambling. BC.Game Best Casino Games. BC.Game Best Choice Gaming.
  2. Coco's Jester Entertain our chat rooms #___ of times with chat games. You can also sponcer a moderator to run host it for you or host the game yourself. Roll hunt, Trivia, Math etc... mark tips sent to players with a message that states the chat game number and round. For example; "Chat game 100"
  3. "Chat pet" or "Intern" Get this medal by helping the moderators enforce the rules, reporting players for breaking the rules, and by being very helpful to other players. Basically be a mod without being hired. You might want to apply after achieving this. Your reputation is well known by our team of moderators. You must be helping out a lot. Coco won't hand this out so easy. Fine print rules could be a number of things and numbers are not something i can fill in. Report Bad Turtles to our staff #___ times, get #____ Likes on your profile by other players, be recomended for this medal by a #___ of moderaters to achieve this medal.
  4. "Bad Turtle" You are either spaming the chat room, begging for tips, or breaking the rules. Though im sure you got some turtle rains before you got banned.
  5. "Echo My Coco" Earned by placing (10Million) bets on Trend-ball.
  6. Well happy birthday to you too i was desperately begging this day i posted that. I might regret it if i cared about my dignity but no shame in asking when youre in need right? Lol.
  7. "Streaky Green" or "Green Carpet" or "Green Army You win with every step you take. Get this medal when you get a green streak of 25 or more. (No loss in-between). Minimum win chance 50% or 2× payout.
  8. "Spoiler", "Generous tipper" or "Fancy Dish" Get this medal when you've sent a single tip of $100+ USD to another player. Or Get this medal when you've sent a total of $100+ USD in tips to another player.
  9. If anyones interested in being suprised, send me a tip and you'll see one come back after friday. Want to see who knows how generous i am. Fridays my bday and im turning 30. Its crazy and im hoping to see that my reputation isnt that mueh of a secret when it comes to giving and takeing. If you want to find out, believe me you wont regret it. I really do pay back big time. It would be nice to find some mutual friends that dont mind asking or being asked for help here and there. The 0 days are the worst.
  10. And that was after winning 60000 on a 5x bet on limbo. I hadnt seen a 1000x yet so i went for it. And it hit after about 50 bets.
  11. yea i noticed shortly after getting this. I should have checked on it more often. Didn't think it would change.
  12. Hit on a recharge. Thanks Coco!
  13. If im not too late, i finally managed to add music. I didnt get to sing with it like i had hoped. If its too late, enjoy anyways lol and merry xmas!
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