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  1. That site's a scam. A friend tried to withdraw and was banned without explanation. Another friend messaged their support about a glitch in the wheel payout amount and was also banned without explanation. Shouldn't trust it.
  2. Where am i hoping to get a code? Here obviously lol. I didn't but still managed to get to lvl 28
  3. Hope i can manage to get a code today. Only 3% left till level 28
  4. Shitlinks are made in bundles, so if is says "shitlink of the same bundle was redeemed before" it means you've claimed a code from the same bundle within the last 24 hrs. Can only claim from the same bundle once every 24 hrs.
  5. Try looking for shitcodes on the bc game social media platforms. They do random drops on Twitter i know for sure. Also try joining some bc game related groups on tg. Some groups have games or trivia for shitcodes as well. This is not the only place to find a shitcode. Good luck
  6. Just my opinion, continuously insulting and talking down to someone who is just doing their job and has authority to ban/mute you usually doesn't end up with you getting what you want. If anything it's likely to make sure you get banned/ muted on the apparently multiple profiles you say you can just keep making. The shitcodes dropped in this forum post once every day are absolutely legit by the way. Each code is claimable only once so if you try to claim and it shows deactivated, than another person already claimed it. It's not false advertising and is absolutely fair to everybody. Not being fast enough to claim it doesn't make it not fair lol. Anyway, that's just my opinion on it and I'm sure you don't care about what i think either way. I guess just keep making profiles. Doubt it's gonna get you what you want though
  7. Codes are only good for one time use. If it says deactivated than another player has already claimed it
  8. Shitcodes are only good for one time use. You can find them other places though. Or be gifted a shitlink from mods or support members occasionally.
  9. No i have a recharge lol. Just occasionally check here for shitcodes usually 3-4 hours after they get posted
  10. I don't know why i keep checking here. I'm always too late lol
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