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  1. Lol I am only joking but not really
  2. ive gotten here twice where they were posted only 10 seconds prior, and they were all deactivated both times . Not saying its bullshit but it seems like bullshit
  3. Can anyone actually verify the legitimacy of said shitcodes. Why do the winners never come back and say thank you for the freebie, but there are plenty of people who have "never won". It's highly unlikely every single shitcode is claimed and deactivated in under 5 seconds from being posted on a consistent basis. Who has claimed one of these and what was the reward
  4. How much money do you figure you need in order to cover the lawyer fees? That's an unfortunate situation but if you wanted to have visitation and the only obstacle was money why are you complicating things further by introducing risk of losing your money and not being able to afford the lawyer fees or prolonging things. Also if you look at this from the court's perspective it would appear to them that you have an unmanaged and currently uncontrollable gambling addiction. The reason why is because one of the hallmark signs they look for is a person who has gotten themselves into debt (for whatever reason) and they have this mentality they will solve this money problem by gambling just a little more because it's happened before. Its a self perpetuating trap and will lead you down a very dark depressing rabbit hole that only gets worse until you say F**** IT and do something regrettably stupid or you swallow your pride and admit you have gotten yourself into a predicament because of your own choices and get a professional to help you get things under control. I got myself buried in debt from gambling in my mid twenties when I was new to slots and won $5000 my first night, won $15,000 about 6 months later, and started to have this warped false perception that you are "due" to hit a big win because of those coincidental and lucky big wins you had early on in your gambling career. Well those big wins never game and I was down to my last dollars and if I didn't win another $5000 which at the time solved my gambling debt issues but this was just the calm before the real storm because this only reinforced that warped mentality that was now deeply seeded into how I perceived gambling. It wasn't 2 months later I was back in debt and was having to sell off assets to be able to afford utilities and my mortgage and it led me into a major depression where I couldn't even look at myself in the mirror I was so disgusted and angry at myself. I was beginning to hate myself so much that suicide was a frequent thought and eventually I got help for my addictions and made some lifestyle changes and over time my old familiar personality came back and now things are back to normal and I am happy and have a beautiful wife and son. My 2 cents you can take it or leave it but if you do have a problem and don't deal with it, it will break you eventually.
  5. Thats bullshit they don't work they were deactivated literally 4 seconds after you posted
  6. They have a name for this its called grandiose delusions you ugly troll
  7. haha imagine an illiterate adult that likes to type insults on a public forum
  8. You have a marvelous day buddy hope you win one for reals but these are some finely tuned athletes
  9. I am not crying I am joking around. And that sentence does not make sense but I am not going call you names like retard
  10. This is a flat out lie you are no seasoned degenerate with statistics like that, I don't like giving away all my secrets but tips are for free when its code time instead of calling the begger retard just abbreviate it to rtard and you just slashed half a second off your time Your Welcome
  11. Well you are competing against a bunch of degenerate gamblers who are so broke they metaphorically have to jerk the dog off just to feed the cats think Tyrone Biggums 5 oclock free crack giveaway and that's the level of competition you are up against.
  12. Could it even be possible that he is just trying to keep things unpredictable. Its a much more likely scenario that he spends most of his day doing forum espionage waiting for the perfect time to drop a few inconspicuous shitcodes undetected.
  13. Guys he probably is wore out from the fathers day festivities he likely is in a husk state and cannot make shitcodes today. Imsure
  14. I also hope Danny777 is having a good fathers day but I am indifferent until I see a shitcode
  15. Danny777 stop being coy with me I deserve a shitcode because I braked for a squirrel on the road today (+1 karma) and made untrue compliments to a fat person.
  16. coco promo code pretty pllease
  17. Watch a short video about XLM and then take a 5 question quiz at the end to earn 10$ in XLM Link for XLM > https://coinbase.com/earn/xlm/invite/n47mvyrj Watch a short video about EOS and then take a 5 question quiz at the end to earn 10$ in EOS. Link for EOS > https://coinbase.com/earn/eos/invite/twdn54jz ***You can withdraw the funds immediately afterwards to paypal, your bank, or to another crypto wallet.
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