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  1. Swissborg is an cryptocurrency exchange. As they are currently launched and opening up to more regions they are seeking new customers and this is why the have launched their reward programme. Long story short: one needs to verify their identity and send € 50 or equivalent and then you will be able to claim €1 to €100 in bitcoin, this is withdrawable instantly! What is the Swissborg reward programme? The reward programme provides the new user with up to €100 FREE bitcoin by following the referral link: https://join.swissborg.com/r/kristoNRW2 How do I get the FREE €100 bitcoin from Swissborg? You need to register following this link: https://join.swissborg.com/r/kristoNRW2 and then get verified and deposit a minimum of €50 (or equivalent currency) either thru a bank transfer or with cryptocurrency! Will I get €100 FREE bitcoin by joining Swissborg? You will get UP TO €100 FREE bitcoin if you register using the following link: https://join.swissborg.com/r/kristoNRW2 and you deposit a minimum of €50 or equivalent currency. You will get a winning ticket which you can scratch of electronically to see what bonus you will receive. Payment proof: Please note some countries are currently not supported: At this time all users from the following countries are accepted and are qualified for the rewards South Africa Viet Nam Argentina Brazil Chile Guadeloupe Martinique Aruba Bonaire - Sint Eustatius - Saba Bulgaria Albania Montenegro Serbia Turkey Cyprus Gibraltar Greece Hungary Poland Slovakia Romania Slovenia Czech Republic Bahamas Guernsey Isle of Man Jersey Saint Pierre and Miquelon Bermuda Cayman Islands Portugal Malta Switzerland Netherlands Germany Austria France Belgium Luxembourg Liechtenstein Monaco Brunei Darussalam United Arab Emirates Canada Greenland United Kingdom Denmark Norway Sweden Latvia Lithuania Estonia Finland Ireland Åland Islands (Finland) Singapore Italy Spain Hong Kong Japan South Korea Israel clean link -> https://swissborg.com/ but then you won't qualify for the reward programme. Happy moneymaking!
  2. that site doesnt payout. It's a confirmed waste of time. They get adrevenue from all the ads, and the surveys and install offers you complete. the closer you come to the cashout, the slower and slower it will become to reach it. There is no payment proofs online whatsoever and this site has been on for like a year or 2.
  3. It's an in house coin, used to test and try out games. Other than that, you can use it to increase your rakeback, which is enabled after lvl 14. Or you can use some jb coins to pay for your withdrawal fees. In other words, jb coin cannot be withdrawn.
  4. Happy birthday, guess coco didn't forget about it. Nice one!
  5. Hello everyone. I just realised that I didn't introduce myself yet. I'm a 30 something guy living in Belgium. I've been in crypto ever since 2010, when I mined some bitcoin, forgot about crypto until 2014 and haven't left ever since. Still regretting not keeping wallet info haha. I'm a polyglot, or atleast I think of myself as one. My mothertongue is dutch, but I also can express myself in english(duh), french, german and a few words in spanish and greek. Guess that's a perk for living in Belgium, as we all have a few languages in school. I like movies, especially sci-fi, videogames (ps4 and Nintendo switch), bike, music (pop, dnb, elektro, 80s and 90s music, soundtracks of movies,...) Other than that, I got a girlfriend and a dog, a golden retriever, and I have a 9 to 5 job. Currently working from home, as alot of people. If you got any questions, just shoot, I'll try to answer them.
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