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  1. Hey all. This is not investment advice. This is not a referral link either. I am not being paid for this nor do I receive anything if you decide to join. This is just me sharing with you a project that I think will be super successful. It's brand new so the cost of buying in is the lowest it will ever be. I'll disclose how much I'm holding, how much I'm farming and the progress of the project as the weeks go by. Project info The project is called Sphynx Network. The token is SPH on the Binance Smart Chain. The website is https://www.sphynx.network/ (not a referral link) This is the BSC Scan link to the smart contract: https://bscscan.com/token/0x8bac6b4af65c8c1967a0fbc27cd37fd6059daa00 My Info I'm holding: 430210653 SPH I'm currently farming: 5000 / 3sec. That's 5000 tokens every 3 seconds! I've farmed just over 10 million. Only 7.5 million of my farmed tokens are included in my balance above because the rest are still in my vault. I can withdraw them any time. Most of you know I don't shill for projects. I would never post about a project that I did not believe in. In the spirit of transparency and full disclosure, I've included a screenshot of my holdings and a screenshot of my farmed balance as well. This project has just launched so as always DYOR before making any purchase decisions. I have just recently starting being interested in BSC DeFi projects but I have a 100% success rate so far out of the 19 different tokens I've bought. Not one of them is in the red. Proof that I am the new Warren Buffet of Binance Smart Chain DeFi projects below. This is my BSC portfolio. You can see that every token I have has only increased in value. This highlighted blue line below is my SPH on the same chart as the pic above. For tracking, I'm using Bogged Finance Tools. If you would like me to continue updating this forum regarding my DeFi adventures and top picks, let me know in the comments. Also, let me know if you decided to support this project in any way. I might have something special for you. wink wink.
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  14. скажу просто без больших и длинных слов)))) Сoco не давайте просто коды.сделайте квесты на форуме,при прохождении квестов а это (загадки,история,илюстрации) при решении одних из задач победитель получал бы код.От каждого по способностям, каждому по потребностям!!!!!!!!
    я хоть зарегистрирован давно играю не так давно проигрыша больше чем выигрыша но я не расстраиваюсь,при маленькой удачи всегда делюсь чаевыми,вот последнее время чуть чуть трудновато играю на маленьких ставках,квартира сгорела а в месте с ней компьютер  с жесткими дисками+флешки.с ключами -балансом 4.347234BTC    341000doge      67ltc. я не прошу что кто то мне поможет.просто такая получилась ситуация в моей жизни.и мне с этим жить.Урок мне и говорю всем не ХРАНИТЕ КЛЮЧИ ОТ КОШЕЛЬКОВ В ОДНОМ ПОМЕЩЕНИИ ИНАЧЕ БУДЕТЕ КАК Я БЕЗ НЕЧЕГО БУКВАЛЬНО С ГОЛОЙ ЖОПОЙ.ДАННУЮ КРИПТУ КУПИЛ ЕЩЕ В 2007-2009.

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