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  1. The challenges are too difficult for most people, unrealistic parameters. The giveaways and promotions are too stingy. The VIP recharge included. All I need to do is point to Bitsler and their coupons and drizzle absolutely shit all over anything BC does for its dedicated patrons. I'm not trying to bitch for the sake of bitching, this is earnest commentary. I have felt let down on far too many occasions by BC which is a shame because this casino is otherwise an amazing online establishment. Bc version 3.0 is aesthetically pleasing. For the most part the update is decent and the branding is on point. I plead for you to reevaluate your attitude to giving back to your patrons and understand that the competition out there is fierce and you are not keeping up in the bonus and freebies department. Thanks for your time, Signed a supposed VIP player and promoter of your casino who doesn't feel very important here and promotes less than previously
  2. Ok, so this is my entry point, correct? I will add more as I complete them
  3. https://gain.gg/r/EarnCryptoHere Earn Cryptocurrency for completing surveys and playing the newest games. You can choose to get paid in BTC BCH ETH or LTC and payments are made instantly to your chosen wallet. This is the highest paying survey site I have found and it also has quickest payout. https://gain.gg/r/EarnCryptoHere
  4. Thankyou muchly. I am saying that the spin landed on the free spins and bonus at the same time but only credits the free spins
  5. The double feature glitch strikes again. Look at that crappy win I got from the free spins while my bonus just gets completely neglected. Third time happened to me now. Can we address this obvious issue?
  6. I must have wondered where TF 100 magical doge came from because I am only noticing this now
  7. I have about 40 spaces there but this is my main https://www.uhive.com/z/1ST23AQ
  8. Hey mate, come talk to me on tele @SoulDoubt42
  9. https://t.me/AnonsRobot?start=SoulDoubt You can #Mine #Anotes with this nifty tele bot. Activation is required once a day and withdrawal is available once every 24 hours! #Crypto #Blockchain #Defi #Cryptocurrency #Airdrops #Mining #Faucet
  10. Thanks mate, used your link hmu if you wanna share links
  11. https://twitter.com/CryptoCasino42?s=09 Checkout #Crypto #Casino #Review on #Twitter #Crypto #Blockchain #Casino #Cryptocurrency #ProvablyFair #Gaming
  12. You can find information and links to all of #Latokens current #Airdrop campaigns here #Crypto #Blockchain #Defi #Cryptocurrency #Airdrops #AirdropAlert https://www.uhive.com/z/1TTCLAZ
  13. https://latoken.com/invite?r=wgir6r79 These are the current #Latoken #Airdrops! You need to be registered with #Latoken and have completed kyc level 2 (not a difficult process) #Crypto #Blockchain #Defi #Cryptocurrency #Airdrops #AirdropAlert
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