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  1. So I've got a question, actually a few. You say bcgame is a scam, which its not, but have you ever actually been inside a real life casino? You think bc is a scam You're in for a hell of a surprise. The only real scam is people making 5 accounts to try and get as much free coins but never depositing. You wondering why your 5 alt accounts aren't doing well, well maybe you should look at yourself needing to have 5 accounts. I still remember being levels 5 -15 and consistently withdrawing 1200 to 3k weekly. I mean that sounds scammy alright. What casino do you use that let's everyone win all the time? I'd love to go play there. The start reality of the situation is You're upset you lost money and you don't want to admit you fucked up so let's blame the casino right? Younwant @digitaldashto go talk to support but if you had a valid claim with valid verifiable proof he'd be the one to get it fixed for you I'm pretty sure. Here do yourself a favor. Stick to one account, gamble responsibly. Remember you're not going to win all the time cause if that were the case there wouldn't ever be any money for anyone. What casino had a lisence before they opened? You gotta have customers and cash flow and bugs worked out before you can become fully registered lisenced casino. Now about the wrongness in the code, there's been hundreds of thousands of players here, and if there were bugs they were brought up, if I'm to be honest I don't at all believe you inspected the code and found it to be wrong cause you have a hard enough time spelling. Just saying and that wasn't me being a dick just speaking my mind he'll I can't type to save my life. But know this you're wrong about the site being a scam. And until you can change my mind about that I'm gonna have to say that the claims brought forth are not valid. But please I hope you win big sometime soon.
  2. Hey so I want to know more myself about the rake back system. Because for the last year or so the formula has been rakeback= ager amount*house edge*level% Or (wager amount)(houseedge)(15%) since I'm level 40 right now I'll do that for example. Wouldn't that mean that the house rakeback would be calculated for a pragmatic play slot sweets bonancw is I believe 3.2% house edge I'd have to check but let's sadly I was doing 5$ bets Wouldn't the equation be ($5)*(3.2%)*(15%)??
  3. Betting ID: 35327007952734998 120X Betting ID: 35643156200423769 260X Betting ID: 36007545520784042 420X Betting ID: 36007545520784535 120X
  4. So idk If any of you degens support yourself with surveys and offers , but I sometimes do. Lol stumbled across this site last night and only did a survey and 2 offers and cashed out 26$ straight to bc with ltc and the w/d was maybe ten minutes processing. Check it out and let me know what you think. Use my link to get started with free coins. Any questions go ahead and ask. https://freecash.com/r/NamesClear
  5. Moon happenes the second Tuesday of next week. Be prepared!
  6. Hey so I have been dealing with the headache of scrolling through the whole list of crypto to find where I hold my value. I personally think you should make it to where we have the option to list our assets in order of value, i.e. if we have 1.5 xmr and 300 trx and .5 ltc they show up in the top three slots of the wallet and opposed to the top middle and bottom of the list. Just my thoughts. Let me know if this is possible and let me know if you agree let's make it happen.
  7. That's awesome bro. Congratulations!
  8. Hey it was definitely during upgrade. Thank you for getting back to sorry it took me a while to read been losing all money at the casino
  9. Dude your resume must me pretty damn stellar!
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