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  1. Everytime! And don’t forget the tie as well . The reason being is that the odds are so good ,especially with the tie, but even the pair(9:1) is great payout if you hit it. The thing is to bet considerably more ,on banker or player ( and win ),than the sum of your other 3 side bets . If you do this and consistently win your main bet you are far more likely to hit the side bet and when you do it feels great . I only bring it up because one of my Japanese friend who plays ( at the other casino, boring real one ) does this strategy and seems to always come out ahead. I only play here at the digital casino where noone is making me feel stupid …. But I’m sure the comments will help me out with that. Shoot away friends!
  2. Oh and its my favorite casino. There is none better. The opportunity to win the enormous amount of mony is unmatched by anyone else that i can see and ive made my way around alot of online casinos . The support staff is awesome ! Way better than any traditional casino,paying attention to every customer big and small and that says alot about the designers ...over all you get a 9. 9 out of 10 ! I' d kiss your ass and say 10 but you are always trying to improve so i wont waste time brownnosin'...great job !
  3. When i first load the game it is a different feel and it feels cramped (im on my samsung note 9 phone) but the gameplay is still manageable although i find myself sxrolling up and down alot....so thats 1. No.2 when i rotate my phone for any reason the gameplay seems off screen sometimes especially with slots . I actually cant play because i cat see the game anymore .i have to close the bcgame and reload the app to return to a playable size . So its almost like it resizes my screen wrong and then wont go back to normal without restarting the app...i will send screenshots .
  4. Holla at me cause my days been anything but sweet...
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