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  1. someone help me out
  2. Amuna1225. i'm permed i can't chat..but you can find me by tagging me in english or global
  3. All deactivated already. What a scam
  4. Hello, Is BC.Game offering any promotions to those of us who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 if we can prove we did? Thanks!
  5. Can you check the pm i sent you a few days ago?
  6. This is your fault for not reading the fine print of the deposit bonus. Most deposit bonuses offered by casinos are legitimately terrible offers and require either ridiculous amounts of playthrough or they come with fine print details like these bonuses here on BC. This is true for both fiat online casinos and crypto casinos. It's rare you will find a deposit bonus of value that doesn't have requirements that are ridiculous to be able to withdraw any winnings.
  7. When the hell did this turn into Press your luck? LOL
  8. I don't care if i get banned for this or whatever but the BC swap feature is a huge ripoff, i checked out some pairs and you're losing between 3-5% in the exchange compared to the market price (I used binance prices and coingecko prices). There are much better options offsite at instant exchanges that do not require ridiculous amounts of confirmations. Avoid the BC swap at all costs. The only time i'd recommend using it is to get out of an ETH token or ETH since gas fees would likely cost more than swapping to a currency that is cheaper to withdraw like LTC, Doge, TRX, XLM, ect. Bestchange.com = Shows all popular instant exchanges and lets you select which currency you have and which you want and shows rates in real time along with the minimum and maximum amount you can swap. Sideshift.ai = One of the best instant exchanges out there that also offers a rewards/loyalty program. You lose less than .05% on most trading pairs. Fixedfloat.com = One of the best major instant exchanges out there and offers the best rates for almost every pair on bestchange. Sideshift and fixedfloat do not allow US users. Just use a vpn and you can get around it.
  9. LOL got here 1 minute after you posted, all deactivated.
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