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  1. So you should put the alphabet on the 30 spot wheel right the in every week or quarter or period or whatever you wanna you could wisely have inclusion with everybody in the casino by having them spell out a particular word in sequential order of the letters received in other words if you were to try spell cat you would have to get to a C then a A then a T would be 1 way of working this medal system or larger words on the 50 slot wheel with the less obskure letters or vowels having mainly only one spot on the wheel kinda like boardwalk to McDonald's monopoly game. Where if you needed spell out a word like zxyzx . it would be particularly challenging Being XYZ would only have one spot on 50 slot wheel. Where this mode would have some type of handicap because you wouldn't be dependant on um letters being found or turned over sequentilly but just rather turned over in general. Hell this would be a fantastic idea you get generate more interest in the wheel itself just by people trying to pick up bonus crypto for doing side tasks. You really would have to alter it again not much I mean you could just slap the letters on the wheel there shouldn't be done much programming involved in that right or maybe you could use some type of a are technology and just augmented reality with some hardware on consumer end to create some type of neurostimulator 3 D effect. When you get title of medal thesaurus defiler or defile thesaurus or spelling bee or whatever is being pushed into for the name.. Man read my response there tell me i am damn fool. later on peers
  2. hello i had to comment here first off HI-LO is my game as well ive made so much from CoCo and HI-LO that HeHateMe. JB is a utility coin you can use it to marginalize your withdraw fees which might I add are extremely ridiculous for some coins *cough* every single ERC 20 also JB can be used to increase the percentage of your rakeback so if you're a luny better like I can be and you're underwhelmed by rakeback your JB for the time will you come with that massive bankroll to maximise your return overall and as you stated in your comment is it a test coin?( which I gotta say in part it is but that also increases the value of this coin significantly makes it invaluable) in potential uses for something like this down the road limitless. Imagine a coin that everybody can get that's pretty much a standard amount that they get or receive off whatever facet maybeis a faucet a bonus but the standard the same for everybody you can't trade the coin you can't buy it so the only way for us get more of the JB coin if there were bonuses pertinent to us on individual basis is to HODL it till next faucet is available sparingly or boldly wager it and if you choose to hold on to your jabees it's gonna keep you up invaluable technique and trait within the crypto world is extremely important and you can't put a price on this but (hold observe recognize) I failed a HODL acronym. my opinionIt makes absolutely no sense to make the JB coin tradeable and give it any type of intrinsic value outside of its utility here. lets chill it here at the site 'cause otherwise you're just gonna water down the coins that are already in the crypto market and there's only several thousands of tokens/coins that unfortunately and sadly never gonna be able to see it value appreciate keep releasing coins into the crypto sphere and others that you know of will start to depreciate. Oh yes what is the basic rule to economics? sir" me sir" is it supply demand.? the coin i use it when changing seeds 1st and foremost this allows me to feel confident on a new seed i then look 2nd incvrese my rakes back and 3rd when i withdrawal im like haha good i got JB left. Te quires mucho mi amore tu es muy bonita . i know the response is late but TBH your picture got me to jam the bfakes lol my bad
  3. 1. Reels of Bal'el 2. Djinnunaki [gin-new-knock-ee] 3. Unlost Archaics " behold these small offerings of word play albeit conceptual to your scheme /layout i draw these from our anomolus well of infinite unconceived realizations pssst... (whispers softly) "there's money in the air over there all you got to do is reach up in the air and grab it" - Corey Taylor ... stone sour/come whatever may. . other relative content now in the field waiting for aspects of the creator coming down to time and space. enjoy my title entries ill be working on corresponding short story attachments hopefully crafted by tip of the tongue phraseologies but staying honest with my vernaculars. TBD
  4. id be real careful giving this guy your roobet info. i messaged him he responded. ill just say this he ----- will have access to your exchange sites and wallet addresses by block chain explorer . There is a Hustle here im pretty sure this isnt philanthropy and he isnt trying to disassemble the greedy machines that inn.herently keep us down. i just added this picture for dramatic effects lol
  5. ok so here be mah bid in this 10k dogecoin facade heres to my favorite color red* while as a little boy growin up my favorite wrestling tag team was the "legion of doom LOD" so far beit from me to hide anything just as well not my creative short comings of a ill minded acute anxiety unstoppable borderline personality yielding immovable neurosis ... here goes that ultra!!!!!!!! hyperbole! in what has been a eternity blight wars plague and mechanizing the dragons as my people take flight they seek refuge towards infinite darkness armed with wisdom of the celestials having faith that all this dark is bound by the light. Please fear not for me for that im grounded to this soil by all that is greater than honor. My blades in my armory are soiled with leagues of caked on blood from the aim of my hands with penance of my mind all that have fallen beneath me these souls i have claimed me...??!! Because i kill with my heart. Our aging star will devour us along side these everlasting nights my transgresssions will always follow me i cannot bear the thought of you labouring like a slave for the sins of your father this karmic debt must be paid. ill break bread with these souls godspeed you now hold our legacies. RED LEGION!!!!!!!!!! RED LEGION!!!!!!! i cry out loud undauntedly ill surrender my might to the forsaken.. Now there has been a vast sea in between you and me. Youve been calling me all my life ! Following me! and watching me!! with mirrors reflections and shadows ive seen your inability to pierce the veil of hard light now this prism will refract photons bent by your dark matter your gateway will now ensue. My lords i pledge to you my services ill be the mightiest in your legion of doom kneeling before my new masters your bid is my will yes mmmhmm. i understand now yes mmmhmm im i am your servant your wish is my command. In this moment vibing on a frequency like never before , like my dying star just red gianting supernova, im radiating gelatonous plasma from every cell of my core. The end is a new beginning look to the sky i have a new fear all this shit is eternal. If there is a warning then there is a future thus bearing the phrase there is no time like the present damned if you do but dam ned if you dont. so what have you got to lose.???..> maybe just your soul...not yet a watcher.. not quite a seer!! but for NOW!!!!! I walk through the door backwards so RED LEGION I am here.
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