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  1. Loud & Proud Win this medal either weekly or monthly by sharing the most bet wins in a period via Twitter or other platforms or by hitting the target share amount set by you BCgame
  2. Hello I would be very grateful and happy if I would be given the promo code pretty please
  3. I am so faithfully believing I will reach VIP4 by March! it’s a challenge I am persistently trying and pushing for! So now it’s written and open for all to see I have this challenge and let’s see in March when I succeed!
  4. I strongly agree with you and you have offered a very worthy medal prize! I assume most of us log in daily without the prize but BCgame could alter this medal with slight requirements examples being - make # bets for day to count or - you must visit forum and rate 2 posts. Great idea!
  5. I confidently suggest you offer the — ***** SayNO2-FriendlyFire ***** Nobody supports friendly fire and faithfully we all must support making friends and giving them a connection, belonging and loyalty here in BCGAME.... To WIN this medal : One member each week will win this medal by connecting to other members here via chat and pm whilst making minimum msg/text requirements making and supporting friends! Each week the most friendly and supportive member will win this medal
  6. I see your vision and I agree it’s encouraging... i will be cheeky and say that my suggestion is more promising
  7. Forgive me please I am so happy enjoying being here new to forum that I have to post my thought and critically doesn’t the daily weekly monthly contest already offer reward? Specifically how could you adapt your suggestion to target a Medal that members could be encouraged to receive?
  8. These our the days of our life’s - Queen Listen enjoy and gratefully vision that whatever or whenever obstacles harm or struggles arise... we must believe and be positive for the day tomorrow because even if we do not see tomorrow ourself... tomorrow will be the next day on what we did the day before and how tomorrow’s people will remember us ... live for today but build for tomorrow!
  9. Danny I hear so much ladies are right but you are the most correct and rightly said today! Yes do enjoy being here and it’s kind of you to welcome!
  10. I have been a registered member for more than a year but only in last couple months see clearly why I love to be here at BCgame. Due to sad events in my personal life I came spending more time and focus on building my knowledge and foundation for cryptocurrency which is the future speedily giving our world greater fairer and accessible opportunity. In last few months I have learned the great joy and benefits being a member here at BCgame by making friends, learning from advice I read here in forum and genuinely helped my health in chatroom by talking openly and to extent anonymous... all this I am proud to share and with truth declare I have learned much about cryptocurrency and how to increase gains legitimately with success! I am currently VIP3 and extremely keen to reach VIP4 so I am here daily and welcome anyone to give advice, ask questions or share love! My name is Gav and I thank BCGAME and members, friends and staff for giving me a genuine location I can be happy and positive about me and my children’s future. Thankyouuu
  11. Great idea which will encourage and increase success for everyone ultimately... however I think that $$$ value is too high and could be reduced massively but wisely. I suggest $500 ... ??? Absolutely brilliant!!! I have now started making regular deposits and if I could earn a medal for making consecutive deposits then I would definitely be making more deposits which certainly helps support BCgame sustainably during rapid crypto rate rises!
  12. Great idea this will encourage more active play and give members gratitude for playing good!
  13. CHAMPIONS Medal... (#1) LEGENDS Medal... (#2) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Great BCGAME Members who TIP other members directly to support encourage and contribute - =============================== *** #1 Champion Medal *** Requirement: - Tip Accepted Friend VIP1* EXAMPLE >>>>> I may tip a member in chat. However if I TIP one of my accepted friends who is level VIP1 I will add one point to a CHAMPION Medal. REWARD PURPOSE >>>>> Winning this medal gives gratitude to members who help and support new members which ultimately expands community surrounding whilst encouraging new members to play, enjoy and contribute to their own success whilst increasing success for BCgame overall. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *** #2 Legends Medal *** Requirement: - Tip Accepted Friend VIP3+ EXAMPLE >>>>> I may tip a member in chat. However if I TIP one of my accepted friends who is level VIP3 I will add one point to a CHAMPION Medal. || 500 points = 1 medal || REWARD PURPOSE >>>>> Winning this medal gives gratitude and thanks to members who help and support members in striving to reach VIP4 which enhances member opportunities and encourages the member to chat actively with knowledge about rain and coindrop rewards. This significantly builds up communal activity whilst encouraging members to play, enjoy and contribute to their own success whilst increasing success for BCgame overall. ================================== $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ These Medals will increase members support and community growth whilst increasing chatroom activity and undoubtedly push the BCGAME world we enjoy to be more successful individually and corporately that’ll strengthen a greater location on the web which leads and is recognised for the increasing expansion happily and genuinely true! ... this is me Gav giving you a Medal Prize you really must take and cherish for the love of BCgame and members of all levels and capabilities! BCgame you are more than capable!!!
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