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  1. thats exactly what happened to me when i went to withdraw i was banned for no obvious reason dont put money into or expect anything from it its monopoly dogem.... worthless
  2. last time codes were posted was Saturday night well my time says 10:48 pm Saturday they are towards the bottom of page 260. I thought these were posted daily @Danny777? I've been refreshing this page since Sunday morning, hovering around this browser like a fly on shit, not wanting to miss the drop that hasn't came.... so could we please know if it is only 6 days a week so time isn't wasted being a slave to a browser for nothing.
  3. where are the codes yesterday was a big drop hopefully today will be the.same
  4. Danny777 I have been here literally as u post these and went straight to enter and they were duds? Please let this be the.time it works I need a little cheer me up from blowing free money in a matter of minutes
  5. I'll start with number one shit code boys and girls... *Code of Honor* - One must always wipe front to back! Never ever wipe back to front. Im sry to inform you fellas that have made this nearly fatal mistake will be perminstely infertile and also dubbed Mr. Shitty Sack of the phamoned corners of shit Entry 1 Shit codes of shit corner
  6. I thought it ended quite a while ago? U r right I should have been sure tho. Rant corrected*
  7. Really bc u have 2 that r the same and one that has a color change and a little bit of a modern accents. You should have asked us to design our own and held another contest for top 3 designs then put them to a vote. Please tell me u didn't contract a graphic designer for that!? No.disrespect to whoever made those ( unless u r a professional graphic designer) Let's just see you guys follow through and make some improvments, changes, additions, more shit codes would be a good start. Lets take a vote or let's all speak up of u read this and agree with me take action send a message or post one here or re post this. If we get enough ppl to voice their feelings and bc still doesnt do anything we will know what they r truely about then. As far as the logo none of them really r anything different then the current logo. do something more flashy and elegant and modern please new.logo for a new bc but if those r going to remain the only 3 options.... OPTION A
  8. @bassabarWhy you repost them? Just out of curiosity? And did u get one that worked cuz i.grabed one right.as u posted.this and.they were.both deactivated
  9. Literally got.here 1 min after posting and they were deactivated tell me who thinks that is.the biggest crock of shit u have ever heard? what the fuck is the point if u post 2 codes every 24 hours for how many ppl and u get the code literally right as its posted and its already deactivated. And we got dip shit up there reposting shit let's make it more convienent for ppl to get these codes... let's camp out waiting all night then let me just.share.these. some ppl. This shit code.thing is officially bull.shit I literally got it just as he posted.it.it said 1.min ago.and dude hadn't even reposted them right below yet. I wonder if he got one to.work im laugh my ass off if he was too bust reposting them and someone snaked it. Thats what u get
  10. Happy birthday. Thats such an amazing deed to return something like that because you could have said tough luck and kept it. Ya maybe ur rep on here might have taken a hit but that is irrelevant to your real life and reputation... anyways I just want to say that someone with that kind of integrity does deserve a reward and especially for your birthday. So that dude better remember u and what u did. If I remember, next time I depo ill send u a tip because that's truely amazing to just give back 1000 dollars no questions asked. ( I would have held it ransom and set some stipulations; upon returning this I request.... a golden bitcoin!) Just kidding! U did the right thing and I hope u get recognized for it from the ppl that were lucky enough to have their fuck up land in ur lap. @killabeez
  11. Wow so each code can only.be used.once! No fucking wonder they r so impossible thanks bc good looking out let's offer 2 codes every 24 hours.for the ho we many users? And how much money have we all put into this bull shit and this is the love we get in return? I got an idea let's all take all the money we would deposit in a month and start our own site I bet we could do it I know I gamble away hundreds a day sometimes so.after a month it ads up. Ok thats probably really difficult to do but I feel like we need to revolt change doesn't come from ppl sitting around waiting for it and without us this site would not exist they need us not the other way around... bc think about that honestly it's why I rarely come here anymore because there isn't really any incentives unless.im going to spend millions and become svip but ya right
  12. "Simply divine" hitting 777 in limbo or the opposite "lucifer" hitting 666 in limbo
  13. This would.be for roll game. There are many different options for this game: Rolling 001 - #1!!.... LOSER! (Such an original name, I know involve community for name ideas offer rewards for winning names? Another good idea BC keep that in mind) certain number of.rolls without getting into then 900's like 50 or 100 rolls title - "elusive nines" roll 900's a cwrtwin number of times in a row 5 or 10 not sure on the overall odds so bc should determine the amount of consecutive 900+ rolls title: "lucky bastard" or "cocos pet"
  14. Win 1000x multiplier in any game either first day or maybe first week if coco wants to be generous... call it "noobtacular" or "noobalicious" or maybe "noob-la-don"
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