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  2. Who's having a moment like this?..
  3. Everyone knows that life is too short. you don't know where and when your time come. that's why I'm here to tell to all people that there still a chance for you to share your love, wealthness and luckiness to all people... because there's no choice in dying anyone had a time even if you're rich and had a lot of coin.. that's why feel free to share your love to us... dear reader..help me..i only had a JB in my wallet is there anyone who will share there love and coins?..thanks in advance
  4. i hope it is acceptable .. love you bc.game
  5. it is pretty good and cute but i think it is better if it is in color red crocodile
  6. Playing wheel in bc.game is really fun guys. because in here you can play a lot without limitation unless you run out of balance or coins. its so sad guys right?.. but by the way i just want to share you guys some of my experience at this game "wheel"...i play it earlier in the morning guys just try this game and its potential .. and i found out that it is really fun and easy to used. and guys in there you can choose what kind of risk will you prefer low, medium, or high.. but i'm always wanted in low risk because i'm not ready yet to play in medium and high..and there is a segment where you can choose 10-50 but guys..i'm using only 10 segment because i'm more comfortable in that.. but guys its really fun to play wheel in bc.game. i hope you guys are also enjoying it. by the way guys i call it "the wheel of your fortune" because it depends upon your it doesn't matter if you choose low or medium or high if you're luck want you to win you will win, and if your luck want you to lose you will lose guys..but trust your luck guys winning and losing are part of the game .. that's all guys..i hope you win and enjoy playing wheel like me..GOD BLESS US.
  7. Everyone was always wanted to increase their level and profit while playing the LIMBO. That's why i want to share you guys my basic techniques and strategy to have level up easily and have a profit. 1. choose the game LIMBO. 2. play it but the strategy that you will use is bet a high amount of coins in lower number of multiplier (ex. bet-10k doge to 1.1x). 3. this technique is risk free because limbo is very rare to hit in 1.98x and below so don't worry. 4. it is very simple strategy that i use and you can also use if you want. If this strategy was didn't fit in your choice i prefer a second technique. 1. you only have to do is to bet a low amount of coins but in higher number of multiplier (ex. bet- 10 doge to 100x or more). it depends upon your choice. 2. don't worry guys this is a risk free strategy because even if you lose many once you win it gives you a high profit.(ex. you lose 20x but you win ones in the multiplier of 100x you will get a 80x of profit). Thats why it is very profitable and easy way to level up. Guys this is a my simple strategy that i want to share on all of you. and i'm not responsible for any risk that this strategy will give to all of you so play responsibly. i hope it is helpful and impormative for you guys. Happy playing LIMBO!.
  8. Keno is one of the best game to play in bc.game. Because, you can use your favourite numbers and use it as your lucky pick to win in this game. I just want to share some of my experience while playing this game. i'm always using my lucky numbers in playing keno. my lucky numbers are 4, 11, 21, 24, and 26. sometimes i win but sometimes i'm lose . but I didn't lose any hope when playing keno. i'm always trusting god while playing keno for me to win in every game. and i just want to share you guys my statistics in keno it is in the picture below. i hope my story is informative for you guys. if you have a question you're free to ask. thanks.
  9. Classic dice is one of a nice game that you can play in bc.game. Its fun to play and very simple but in other hands it has a lot of risk. for you, what do you prefer win? or lose?...for me i want to win..and fight to increase my own coins. leave a like if you're agree with me
  10. Hi im here to introduce im a god fearing person with a special ability to love you all and pray for all of your love ones please live a like and be the peace come to all of us....
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