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  1. A medal for depositing most in a month called, "A round 4 the house! This one's on me!" A medal for biggest withdrawal from only bonus coin no deposit necessary called, "No deposit Cheapskate!"
  2. Be in the ranks of The Red Legion. Fighting in a tug of war battle with each wager. You will win some, as well lose some. On the many battlegrounds, at bc.game. Where the winners win, the losers lose, and the beggars beg! You would be surprised to find out we're not sailors, but sure do sound like some.
  3. Bc.game "Parental Advisory" Explicit Content This Isnt Your Grandparents Casino
  4. R rakeback should be the current faucet but with more guarantee of getting the % that's rewarded everyday. And drop the whole faucet gig but make it an added daily bonus for guests.Like maybe make more task bonuses.
  5. I think i caught my neighbor finding a sweet code! QAI5nu7.mp4
  6. Places half eaten mars bar on red
  7. I pledge allegiance to the red legion. As I am warchief of the Red Faction in ,The Mystical Realm Society. As I am loyal to all that stakes their blood to the hue of the same color. So I Warchief comes to the aid of you and stain this world with their own color or our allegiance to whom dares to take the loot of your shiny red coins.
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