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  1. Alexord

    Fake BC game

    Bc Roll is fake It's programmed and not real Lucky roll too, each time I roll I will always have 10000 worthless JB Please remove JB from lucky roll since it's worthless Reduce your minimum withdrawal and fees too Reduce minimum swap Unlock deposit bonus by at least 20% when played games Thanks
  2. How do you feel? It's wonderful and very easy to use. How about the new interface? Do you like it? Yes. How is the game experience? It looks so real, fast and has low risk percentage. Have you found a bug? If your feedback is a bug we haven't found yet, you can get extra BONUS. No. Any other suggestions? I will advise BC 3.0 to have an app. The platform looks more reliable when in app form. A lot of persons has this belief that Applications are more secured than websites, and we all know that some of these websites like bc.game may be fake due to some other fake sites that doesn't have App. When bc.game comes in App form, it gives more room for investors to come in and participate without fear. By the time Bc.game comes in App, it will make the platform become more popular and more persons will register into it. Please, I will also advise BC.game to reduce it's coins minimum withdrawal for every coin because, in a situation where a person tries to withdraw a few coin and the minimum withdrawal turns out to be very high, it then discourage such person from using the platform. Transaction fee too is a very special case here, please reduce them, they are very high because a lot persons might want to make many transactions per day but, because of its high transaction fee he/she gives up. Remove JB coin from the daily lucky spin since it has no value, and as well remove other coins that has no value too from bc.game. Bc.game may start now to make use of JB coin to cover transaction fee. The profile general settings is hidden please make it more visible. I believe my little idea might help, thanks.
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