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  1. BBBB B B BBBB E A T B B E C O M E A BBBB ————- CCCC C C O C O C H A M P I O N CCCC —-————— GGGGG G G GG G G AME GGGGGG ————— Design is expandable ^^
  2. - Delete all 0 at the end of the bet amounts (mainly at crash) You hardly have time anyway to the next round and if you enter an amount manually it’s often disturbing. - add new coins at oriental beauty - possibility to enter free bet amounts at oriental beauty. You can just double up from min bet or half down from max bet to set an amount. - daily contest which I not just relevant for 0.001% of players. Maybe besides the top 10 most wagered amount a top 10 of the highest multiplier. There could the other 99.99% of the player also be apart of the daily contest ^^ - optimize mobile view - new Bonustasks or at least delete finished tasked. Since lots of month you have to see always the finished tasks wondering when there come new ones
  3. Hmm...:/ so the Good point is... vip Transfer and pledge red Legion were solved immediately. Absolut top But because of the referrals....again nothing no answer and no reply usually I wouldn’t even talk about it anymore and just delete the thread especially when two rewards were paid already but for the refs it should be the most interesting reward i think ^^ I have much more than all other posts together. I took a look at the earned commission and until now all currency's together are round about 0.035btc that I’ve earned now through 3 ref levels with 25%/10%/5% commission.....lets take a good average of 20%... and if The waggered amount of all refs * 1% * 20% * 20% = 0.035btc That I’ve earned then is 0.035btc / 20% / 20% / 1% = by all refs wagered amount of....87.5 btc !! ....continuously rising almost 100 btc that I’ve already generated for your...one complete fullspecialvipmember and I think that should be worth a reward
  4. You know that you are part of bc.family when you are watching Spiderman and you are just waiting for coco ^^
  5. Hello dear bc.game team I have to give you some feedback now. Usually I really like bc.game. Very nice designed, nice games, nice handling and everything is running pretty well. I also had to contact the support via your support button A few times and evertime top and fast support. but I’m sorry to say...your promos are the biggest crap and really disappointing... pledge the red alliance Info’s still to find every few seconds in the Infobar on your Site. Finished months ago already....never heared something again, never received a reward and no reply on questions vip level transfer filled out everything weeks ago...never heared anything, no reward, no reply who got big referrals thread 1570 refferals until now but no reward and no reply that really sucks and you just feel fooled around. doesn’t matter how big or small the rewards are that’s just not right And doesn’t meet your normal standard at all.
  6. Old event?? You can see the info every few seconds on top in that infobar. Im also waiting for months :///
  7. Not the most but pretty good refs ^^
  8. My plant isn’t dried up.....it’s crispy...
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