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  1. 5 months. Thousands of dollars. Countless hours. Never so much as seen a working or real shitcode. Not even when I was promised by support id be given one. THEY DON'T EXIST. I'll see Bigfoot or an alien before I'll ever see these made up codes. Shitty lies.
  2. 5 months here. Almost level 14. I've NEVER seen or been given a shit code. And that's pretty shitty. They aren't real..just stories to keep us guessing. Like Bigfoot.
  3. They give you a sign up bonus of 2k. You earn on that every sec. After 30 days. Withdrawl your earnings. Or reinvest.. Its freaking awsome.
  4. MVP(PLAYER CHOSEN). A monthly vote by other players who they think should be the months VIP. Maybe they saw them do something kind..or they play well...anything. PLAYER WITH THE MOST VOTES WINS. Can only vote 1x per player. Per month. No voting for yourself..
  5. TRIATHLON Player with the most consecutive days active. Must be in chat. Must play for 1 hour or more and must make a rain and coin drop all days to be considered consecutive and active. *hence tri(three rules).
  6. My link will upgrade you to platinum acct and you will get . 001 ltc free upon registering. Must confirm email to qualify. https://CryptoBulls.net/bobbi7
  7. Egyptian Bang. The story of Cleopatra and her rise and fall as leader of Egypt. All of her whirlwind kinky love affairs, that ultimately led to her and.
  8. Start with 50 FREE spins. Faucet refills. Highest paying sight out of dozens I've tried! It's a slot machine too..so it's super easy and fun https://btcheat.com/?i=1415486
  9. Start with 50 FREE SPINS. And 3 more every HR in faucet. It pays more bitcoin than any other of the dozen faucets and sites I've tried! https://btcheat.com/?i=1415486 Seriously try it guys.
  10. All you do is download the app. Leave it running while your busy. Does everything for you. I made 25 first day and 40 already today. https://r.honeygain.me/BOBBIF7428
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