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  1. 2. To begin with I am not at all gay or bisexual. That will be key later on. So I had been using a debit card that did not belong to me but to my landlord. I paid for her DirecTV or dish one of the two and had saved the card number on my phone. Now I was paying rent and she was getting whatever government should she was getting and that was basically all her income. But I got so wrapped up in this shit that I was taking out about 120 a day for my habit. As it went on and on I wondered how much she actually had in this account. Now I never went back and checked but it was a lot. It got to the point where I was scared to fucking death that it was going to catch me and bite me in the ass. So a good friend of mine that has a lot of gay friends said that these gay guys will pay money basically if you just sit and talk to them on chaturbate. So that's what I did. I would log on and basically just have the camera on me while I watch TV or worked on a project or anything until people started asking me to do stuff for money. 90% of stuff I would say no for. But that 10% paid off quite a bit. And that 10% wasn't anything that I really wasn't doing already which was just things like pull my cock out and get it hard and stupid shit like that. Within a month or so I had put what I thought would be enough to cover what I had taken out of her account and some more for more gambling of course. The kicker, was that my girlfriend then found my account and swore up and down that I was gay and doing all this crazy shit. It was a big old fight and I tried to explain it to her. But even in my own head it didn't sound that great so why would she believe me. But those gay guys pay a lot of money just to once in awhile see my cock and watch me tinker around on stupid shit
  2. Kenigma


  3. Most or least currencies used in a day/week starting at a set amount of each. Like used 6 currencies, $500 of each. Or used 1 currency for 6 weeks
  4. I've hit swords like 5 times in 20 before. Just depends on your bank, bet and currency.
  5. I saw a thread of random acts of kindness, but it was ended. Y'all were doing it as a contest or whatnot. I just wanted to make a new thread where we could(or it may be just me saying thanks to people) appreciate people's kindness. This person has tipped me directly, twice. And with no reason or even a desire for a thank you. So I wanted to say thank you to @RokitaForfiterrr. You definitely helped me out on a crappy day.
  6. So for quite a while I would notice that if I got two sword symbols and a cat, I was going to get the big award. The cat would spin to the third symbol every time for the longest time. So I always had that little giddy anticipation. But as of recently, the last day or two, it hasn't done it but maybe once or twice. Now it will land on two sword symbols and the cat and there I am giddy with anticipation again, and it lands on a spade or something. Lol. So long, giddy anticipation.
  7. Ok so we are all adults here. Coco, don't look tho. Ok, gorgeous girlfriend and I are very into each other. And we both are attractive(she's damn hot). We like to "show off". So, if you're willing to throw some crypto our way, we will send pics and vids. Send a little more, we will do requests and whatnot. So, that's our pitch. Let's hear the hate, cuz I'm sure it's coming.
  8. Hey everybody. I have been remember of the site for quite a while but haven't really said anything just kind of been losing my butt off. Lol. So I thought I'd say hello and lose my butt off while interacting with people.
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