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  1. If there was a manager here, you would be easily offended by obscenity, and these idiots you say make me laugh more. Because They cans easily look at the sheets codes used on my account, so finish it and let this obscenity and the documents I put here be a souvenir for Iranians who did not know the obscenity of lying like you. ===>>so let me tell you honestly, you are exactly the bastard you attributed to me Continue the obscenity in the shadow & support of that incompetent corrupt MOD BB
  2. After the rude obscenity you had in the chat with me, and unfortunately that corrupt manager quickly covered up you, you say lie and lie and lie without any evidence, so let me tell you honestly, you are exactly the bastard you attributed to me. Chat is not important to me at all times, you are a scammer of newcomers, but it is important .. I have no answer for you idiot anymore Fortunately, all Iranians can see your obscenity and your friend's ugly gestures by looking at the photos For all the rude words you said to me and that incompetent MOD ignored me and that you are easily lying here for your own explanation, I will lead you to the judgment of God
  3. After publishing these facts that I left here with the document, I was completely banned from chatting !!! I am really sorry for all those managers who came here and saw this matter and did not take any action to stop this iranian MOD corrupt. GG
  4. Hi, I wanted to file a complaint against the manager of the Persian chat department. Unfortunately, one of his close friends insulted me several times and did not stop because of his friendship with the relevant manager. Even when he called me a bastard !!, the relevant manager quickly deleted his chat without Include a fine This ugly behavior of your Persian chat manager is really unbearable. We are here to play and have fun, not to hear the obscenity of this person's friends. It is only a pity for a MOD who allows obscene words to his friends and only deletes the person's chat without considering the smallest Ban time. prompt this administrative corruption in Persian chat rooms calls name is ◤◢◤૯ric◢◤◢ to higher managers & Coco and Punish the manager's friend ID name : yoniver ,insulted me . The last two photos show the corruption of this chat room manager
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