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  1. Done! Tip Please! THANK YOU! I reacted to all your posts on the forum past and present I also sent the friend request! @MauriTurna
  2. Satoshimask you should be more worried about paying the $50 you stole from me you thief ! I didnt even loan it to you. You were supossed to exchange it to xlm and return it! Not run off with it. Then you say u are going to pay me back and you ask for my trx address then you never send any thing. You are a low down Coward and a good for nothing thief.
  3. None of these that were just posted even work WTF?!
  4. Whats the point of these yall are some greedy bastards and some real shit heads only good for 1 person each they should all be valid within a certain time period to give everybody waiting a fair shit...at a shot.....wait i mean a fair shot at a shit ! Lol but no seriously WTF!?!
  5. Let me get one of them there shittycodesya know what im saying there hoss?? Peas n carrots?
  6. <a href="http://www.freebiebitcoin.com
  7. The site is great! The addition of new coins is exciting especially the swap system that is a huge accomplishment in its own right. The new rewards system gives the site an overall fresh feeling. The new games have pumped life back in to what had kind of grown very monotonous during my tenure here. The make over and new features definitely have the comforts of the old version with all the glitz and glamor of the fresh new design. I look forward to getting in deeper in the coming weeks ,but at a glance and dipping my toes in the water I have to say my out look is very optimistic. Kudo's BC.Game Kudo's
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