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  1. shitcodes for shitheads please
  2. ShitCOINS are low valued crypto... Shitcodes are just codes that work kind of like bc game giftcards... sweetcodes are what they used to call shitcodes... so theres actually no difference, sweetcodes just don't exist anymore as far as I can tell, only shitcodes.
  3. Its too bad we can't sit back and watch everyone scramble... then this page might be worth watching.
  4. Ranks for number of referrals would be cool
  5. HN3Torg

    The Pro Switch

    Who thinks they should bring back the old pro button that used to be at the bottom of crash so you could bet on red or green (or just pop up trendball so you can bet moon too would be a good option) on the SAME page as crash without the little switch over thing it does now (which Im not saying they need to get rid of but...) It sucks when the internet lags, and for me it always does, every time so there's not enough time to put in my bet in on crash AND bet on colors unless i have it on auto, which I hate doing and it screws up my whole game, because I have strategies and it sucks now. good day There is a poll at the top if you wanna vote!
  6. CRYPT - O - RAma : The Aten's Return Buried for centuries beneath the tomb of Pharaoh Akhenaton lies the secrets of the Aten... what was once believed to be a forgotten tomb hiding away whatever memory remained of the Sun God Ra has possibly been discovered... but with all the noise that was made coming through the front door... the ancients have awoken! Tutankhamen has returned along with the old gods of Egypt - all of them sporting very expensive looking (morning star compliant) cyber-genetic bodies brought to life by the power of Ankh! I want my mummy! Once inside, the doors seal shut, and the enormous space fortress you've apparently stumbled into boots up out of hibernation, lifts out of the sand then charges up and blasts off into hyperspace, with you trapped inside of it!... uh oh! what now? might as well see if there's any treasure while you figure this one out!
  7. I think it would be kind of cool if there was some affordable ad space(s) that players could bid on using the crypto in their wallet... like, if there was an easy way to upload a graphic and set some text, then set a bid for different times/dates/etc. as well as some basic demographics and then whoever wins the bid gets their ad displayed and can pay per click or whatever works best... not 100% sure how it should be set up, but that's the basic general idea I'm having... it just needs the details worked out, you guys might even know exactly what to do?
  8. Everyone is a VIP at Coco's Casino Join the B.C. Game Family where it's your casino not just Coco's Casino!
  9. damn, hope u still come visit us, wont be the same without ya... you're a good dude earny.
  10. DONT BE A BEGGAR! Get crypto + join our new social network (in development)
  11. Also a social network for members with a special VIP status for B.C. Game members. (just select VIP and provide your B.C. Game username on sign up or ask the admin) HN3T.org / Hyp3rspace (Site is in development, this is an early invitation for test users and anyone interested in our verified list of crypto resources)
  12. hash dice should have a bonus since it's basically just a type of slot machine.... all the games are just different way to play dice lol.... so hashdice should have a bonus, freebitco.in has a bonus feature on their multiplier dice game and I think you guys could do better.
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