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  1. Name 1: BitCoin Games presents: Anubis's android Story 1: A harrowing tale from the creators of shitcodes and spider coco that it will bring you to the edge of your chair. A story so interesting it may have you asking the world why has this not been a part of my life. Join little Collin Coinbuster the third or "CoCo" as his closest friends call him as he tries to stop the evil spacelord Anubis from bringing his quantum computer to the blockchain to destroy hashing algorithms forever. As little Collin maxes his bets to risk not only his future but also his status as a cool nice guy with the ladies he stumbles upon a dusty robotic ankh in a chest at his grandfathers Collin Coinbuster the firsts basement that changes his life forever. Before he can ask any questions about the mysterious ankh he accidentally hits a button while looking for his fedora. The button activates the ankhs radio distress beacon which signals the star ship PtolmyDom of its location whilst releasing the cryogenic gas that has kept Anubis in a deep sleep. For the past millennia since Marc Antony waged civil war on his people over his love of Cleopatra this star ship has been floating through the depths of space waiting for the ankh to be placed into Earths space portal gate (not to be confused with a stargate this one only travels from arbitrary points in space/time only) so he can take down the republic and make the descendants of the Romans pay for pushing their one god onto his servants and convincing them that being paid in beer was slavery. When Father CoCo comes to get his son from his dads space bungalow he sees the ankh flashing its signal light and he immediately has an flashback from his time as a child in the late 1970s when his dad brought him to Egypt for a Grateful Dead concert at the pyramids of gyza. He remembers drinking some kool-aid that was being passed around before going on an adventure into the marketplace to get away from the patchouli and grilled cheese sandwiches when he stumbled upon a small shop that gave him the ankh and told him "The worlds future is in your hands never touch put water on it after midnight or else it will multiply, oh and don't press this button ever! If this light flashes green it means the end of days are near this has been past down in my family for generations but my son is a nincompoop and only wants to obsess over this war of the stars as he puts it and I'm afraid he will destroy the world as we know it because of its similarities to the metal object in that damn war star movie. You seem to have a head on your shoulders I watched you walk away from those hip youth, hip heads, or whatever they call themselves earlier and I knew I could trust you." As he comes to he looks to the clock and its 15 minutes after midnight and before he could muster a breath to warn of the impending doom he watches in horror as his son drops a glass of water which he was trying to balance on his head for a 6 second video for clout he was making fall onto the Ankh. Lightning and thunder start filling the sky while smoke fills the room and robot snakes and a tiny droid shoot from tiny chutes hidden on the ankhs surface. "you damned us boy! You are your yeeting have doomed the human race! Quick we must find shelter in the basement before your clout gets us into any more trouble! Too be continued..... with enough support and 2 more completely different stories will be produced as I take a small rest and come up with multiple endings that will be posted and if enough people like and quote them I will pick a winner based on overall likes and quotes
  2. BC games where risk could mean gains and where compulsiveness could mean shame.
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