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  1. LouPruitt


    It was a joke. If you dont leave when losing"exit stage left" your days wont be right. But if you exit 3 times it will make it right again.
  2. Addendum to previous post. Ti aquiremedal for 1btc without deposit you must have aquired 3 medals already before you receive this one
  3. LouPruitt


    I know we all come to win but this is a casino and we are "gambling ". Remember that negative thoughts bring negative results. I come more for the entertainment but also enjoy winning. If you keep losing just stop. Exit stage left. 2 wrongs dont make a right but 3 lefts do!. Good luck everyone.
  4. LouPruitt


    I don't use seeds but do use strategies. If it weren't for the green eyed monster I would vault more coin. A strategy i use is set payou to 4x wager 1 to 5 percent of preferred coin in your wallet. Set to auto and let it run 500 to 1000 spins/turns. Never increase wager beyond 5 percent. When wallet total reaches triple of original total double wager. Once 5000 spins have gone by. Stop playing for a while. Ive been using this strategy for about a week now and noticed that ive been able to multiply wallet totals upwards of 100x. It's a slow process but I have been seeing positive results approximately 75 to 80 percent of the time. My last attempt i started with a tip of 1.2 xlm and it increased to 87 xlm within 2 hours. Ive also noticed that it will get in a rut and lose upwards of 50 times. The reason for 5 percent or less wager. If this happens i quadruple my wager after 50 losses as long as i don't exceed the 5 percent. I usually see a rapid increase in coin. For every 100 losses there ARE approximately 99 winners. You will notice a pattern of 1 loss 1 win 2 losses 1 win 3 losses 1 win then 6 to 7 losses 1 win then 3 to 4 wins in a row. If you notice this pattern 3 times double wager after 7 losses and watch coin rise rapidly. If you reach 100x wallet increase vault and start again. I know there are flaws in this strategy but ive monitored it for approximately 100000 wagers and like i said ive seen gains approximately 75 to 80 percent of the time after 5000 spins. Good luck everyone. Hope this strategy works for you
  5. Yes. More likely to get a hand full of shit that way.
  6. I would like a shit code please
  7. There should be a medal for players with no deposit reaching 1btc profit in a single session without depositing. Hopefully this will bring more players to site and a willingness to chase other medals which will require deposit. I like this suggestion even though im a long way from it lol
  8. I agree I play with a similar method with decreasing wagers on lose and increasing on win
  9. I agree with satoshimask. The way to reach the goals of larger profits/wagers is to work smaller to larger and use patience. Ive reached larger returns by setting my goals to smaller payouts and working my way to larger. Greed and impatience have played the antagonist in most of my losses. The times ive won larger payouts i started with micro/minimum wagers and slowly worked my way up to a level to be able to place very large wagers without wiping out profit. Always keep in mind that you are "gambling" and anger is the enemy/opposite of the goal of which you are trying to achieve. " Negative thoughts bring negative results ".
  10. Right place/Right time. Random medal drop on active player (VIP) LVL...? and up of course.
  11. I'd like a promo code also
  12. Ramses coinbox CryptoRa Pandorahs coinslot Pharaoh's cursed crypto Cryptographic coin boxes
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