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  1. This guide wasn't about maximizing profit, it was about grinding for XP, making the most out of your money when it came to XP If you have a good strategy for profit play, please share. The point of this article was for people who need to grind a bit of XP
  2. Some people need to get to another VIP level quickly and safer then just regular betting, plus the higher your XP, the more stuff you can do like claiming rains, or catching Coco, etc.
  3. Bankroll just means how much money you have in your wallet all together If you have .001 BTC, you would multiply it by 0.1 (10%) to get .0001 BTC, meaning you would get 1.84 XP per spin.
  4. Limbo is a pretty special game, but one of the main reasons why it is so good is because it has the highest chance of winning out of all the games (not by house edge, but it is at 1% so that's an added bonus) because of how low you can get the payout. My strategy when playing Limbo is quite simple: 1) Bet half of your bankroll (It's a safety net just in case you don't get paid) 2) I would recommend you turn on Turbo Bet & Auto 3) Press start and continue doing whatever else you were doing. That's my strategy, but here are also a few other ideas 1) Instead of betting half your bankroll, just bet a small amount, like 10% or even 5%, and then do everything else like normal. This would be an interesting way to do something in the background without having to supervise your window at all times, and possibly do something like a really long term bet, where you let it bet in the background for a couple of hours, for mainly XP grinding. 2) Bet all of your bankroll if you only have a couple of cents, it might be able to raise your bankroll just a bit, and maybe grind for just a little longer This guide doesn't have a lot of detail, but I think it really doesn't need much detail anyway. Thanks for reading! NOTES: I would recommend you not to back away from the computer if you are betting a larger amount of crypto. Betting 50% or less of your bankroll is something I highly recommend in case you lose, that way you don't lose everything. This is NOT a risk-free betting system, you are still risking money by partaking in this, so be cautious in how much you bet, and how long you let it go for.
  5. 1) Take a spin with Bc.game 2) Make it rain with Bc.game!
  6. I have been playing bc.game for a while, and I have spread my affiliate link to a couple of people (currently sitting at three people right now... it's not much) and I'm looking at the affiliate percentage: Wager x House Edge x 25% So, I calculated it: If the wager was $1 USD, and the house edge was 1%, that would equal .01 USD, a bit low, but nothing crazy. However, you still have to multiply the 25%, which makes it 0.0025 USD? That means in order to get $1 from the program, your referrals have to bet $400 USD? Am I calculating this right, or did I do something wrong? I'm not complaining about the rates, I am just a bit confused, and want to make sure that I did it right. (The main reason why I think that this is wrong is because in the 3 minutes my friend signed up, he bet about 2.5 Biden in Limbo (at around 1.01 payout for XP grinding), and in just a minute or so I got 50 Biden, making me wonder if I miscalculated [Don't think he used Turbo mode])
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