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  1. 30 days clean today. Slowly putting my life back together. I could actually win before my relapse i was ahead $ 12,000.00 but the drugs messed up my head and still can't win anything and can't afford to lose much but i do enjoy being here when I'm home alone. I lost my father last year and my roomate 3 months later and then the relapse happened and i lost everything material at that point. Hell of a time to lose all but I'm working hard to first, stay clean and, second, rebuild my life. But im not asking and don't expect anything its just a tough time and losing the only 2 people i was super close too its been hard but im clean today and i got this. Ill get a million up within 5 yr.s. Thats one of my goals. If nothing else leave me with some encouraging Words or tell me some of your story. Love all you crypto fools!
  2. $2222.00. From Heymonkey, the one and only!
  3. Show a video of 3 Cocos 1 Cup. I deserve a sweet code for that one. The Coco's are so gross in that, i almost puked!
  4. So when will this contest end? I haven't seen any dates or time frames anywhere unless i missed those. I'm wondering because my slogan is the best by far. Thanks! Tboy
  6. Bc. Game. F*%k You Covid! No Mask Required Okay that's a little harsh, it's still really good though. Bc. Game Come to play, Stay for the Coco
  7. No, see Danny. Im even doing your job answering question for u. Throw some shit at me please. I never am here when you post cuz i have a job too. Send me a shit-a-gram to pm. Your the best u good looking man!
  8. Come on Danny, quit messing around and give some shit. Shit shower would be fine!
  9. Shit for me Danny! Been here for years and never used a shit or sweet code. I think for my dedication i should find a code in my private messenger. Don't u think?
  10. Would be awesome just to use one shitcode out of curiosity.
  11. I've been a member for over 2 yrs and never used or seen a shit code. I've spent allot of money over the past few weeks and had 0 withdraws. Little help please! By the way I'm "HEYMONKEY" . I'm the coolest guy I know.
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