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  1. I like bonuses....
  2. I'd really like to see medals for things that are funny like, getting the worst roll of the day instead of the best. Medals for missing coco the most, or missing rain the most. I'd really like to see funny or ironic medals like that. Worst luck? Like playing x number of rounds without winning?
  3. Dang nice hit and how brave to say it would be an ace each time!!
  4. Hi! The story could be about a crocodile who gets a bit lost from the Nile and the game could be called Coco's Lost Treasures? Short storyline would include Coco looking for their lost treasure and a feature in the game could be related to that, one of those bonuses where you pick random items with random values behind them. Or other names could be Coco's Glyphs or Cocopatra >_< get it....like Cleopatra....ok I'll go now.
  5. Hi! I'm really hoping for some new slots Ones with more complexity and such than current offerings which I know are likely in the works. Would really like to see other login bonuses or task bonuses too
  6. <a href="http://www.freebiebitcoin.com">Earn free bitcoin</a>
  7. Yeah, this place is awful, and I've had the same awful experience.
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