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  1. I'm not understanding the issue honestly. By the look or whats going on in the pic was just a bad spin but hey maybe I missed something?
  2. Updated version of my review give it a look.
  3. Card Counter: Play all the cards in High/Low
  4. Especially this late in the crypto game people aren't passing it out like candy anymore for little things or surveys or ads.
  5. I'd rather say it so you know it was me. Hey lets have a rock paper scissors clan tourney too that would be boss.... group things when it comes to bias almost rng just makes no sense maybe if everyone was playing off the exact same seeds to make it fair but then everyone would find out results are not random like stated now where is my 100 eth? I proved it right there i want that 100 eth its not random if there is a mathematical equation to get an answer its not random and predicted by the games and can be altered yes altered coco says it himself its said tip can increase luck. 100 eth please and thank you.
  6. Sounds like some psychology in motion here begging by praising banking on human emotions catering to peoples egos in hopes they will trickle down the wealth. Well good luck on that its a business 1st and foremost not an individual and there is no room in business for emotion or bias. If they were to reward 1 person for kind words they would have to reward them all because it would start a verbal epidemic lol and no one wants to hear how amazing they are all day every day because it would just turn into words nothing more. So show your love dont state it spray paint a bus, tattoo yourself or... your grandma, fly a banner behind a plane, name your pet, or just be cool chat and play. This has been a public service announcement brought to you by everyone for the purpose or not looking like a tool.... Your welcome!
  7. Take this into account though whats their motivation for backing it though? They know fiat still as always is the standard there is no changing that plain and simple so why not invest then promote for a bit then cash out back to what will still be there after all the regulations destroy what they already know will fail. Dont get me wrong in theory bitcoin is great but its only a blip on histories monetary timeline dont forget that.
  8. Nice to meet you have fun man.
  9. Sounds like a personal problem man live and learn. Never count on the kindness of a stranger or buy into their words because thats all they are just words. They will disappoint you everytime if you want something you gotta earn it yo.
  10. Hey if codes are being passed out i want in.
  11. You for real? Im very curious.
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