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  2. No luck then what is it shitcode is really shit????
  3. When we are online and asking for shitcode or sweetcode . then admin ignore our request. When he finds we are offline then sending msg in the group. It means no one can get shit code. Why this attitude with the BC players. Simply close the devil shitcode or sweet code for ever rather making fool for shitcode.
  4. Actually, they want to show they provided shitcode but you didnt get. It means Ur unlucky. This is slut attitude of admin here
  5. No one is for help here. What kind of forum is this BC.game
  6. Shit code or sweet code plz. Anyone help me
  7. Is there any one alive to provide shit code, sweet code.
  8. Is there anybody help me plz. I need sweet code, shit code plz help me
  9. Plz sweet code plz. Iam very needy plz help me
  10. Hello All. My name is Waqar Ahmed.
  11. I have joined this forum but I have not got shit code single time sir
  12. Sir shitcode plz?? Can I get shitcode plz??
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