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  1. 1.BC.Game :play the casino fun and rich. 2.Boots your Crypto ,meet your new friends. CoCo never bite you. Try to rich.
  2. This is true story of my life
  3. This is true story of my life
  4. I have 7 medal now. And most of player can take 10 medal easily. Pro and big player can get 17medal. But fearless and local tyrant and highest contribution are very hard for all. So 10 medal is best for all.if you want 20 medal when you rich 2 millions $. You will get all.
  5. I can't believe it. Low amount with 800x
  6. I love crash war. When i play in crash war. I feel like as Queen of red. Because I bet on red.
  7. Never laugh at your wife's choice . You are one of them....
  8. jeep

    Don't receive

    I daily facuet my betting. Over one month but no get my facuet medal. I never miss my facuet . Daily claim. And red legion reward no get.
  9. #BCGame Sweetcode# #BCGame ( code- sisterloveallplayer )
  10. Once there was a rich man The rich man was very rich ... She has a very beautiful daughter There is also one The boss was born a crocodile I love it very much His house is in the swimming pool Crocodile .......... More than 20 animals Born ..... One day, the boss was rich He held a party in his house People from all over the country came When the party is held The boss said Lol. "..." “Everyone who comes to my house Thank you "Yes, I am." There is an extraordinary plan "What is that? You see now Into the lake with crocodiles If you can "With one hundred thousand my daughter You can pick up an advance He even talked to the boss Not finished yet ......... "Wow! He jumped into the pool I heard the sound Look at it A young man, Job I was hand-fishing in the lake It's pretty fast What about crocodiles? Behind him big mouth It was a rush The young man was pretty I swam very fast It was swimming For a while D Pool side pool It's coming Are you young? The boss on the lake said: It is covered with water Then the rich man said ... "So, brother, if you say," In a lake with brooks It's been a successful transition As mentioned earlier, You have to pay it "Would you take a hundred thousand?" Would you take my daughter? "You know what you like Take it ... Then the young man said: "I am one hundred thousand?" No, not at all "I don't want your daughter." "What I want to know is ..." " "What a joke!" In the crocodile It's about pushing "I want to know." Boss : * Shit *
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