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  1. Slogans: (Number 1:)---- Bc. Game - Wagering by professionals. Wealth by Crypto (Number 2:)--- Bc. Game - The Bets Are Encrypted, And The Currency is Coin. (On a side note was thinking it may be cool to spell crypto with a K instead of a typical C.) Submitted on Dec. 17. 2020. 4:21 Am. (P.s)- this was added as an after thought cause i thought it waa cool. IT IS NOT AN OFFICIAL ENTRY. But I had to add it for fun lol. BC. GAME----If you Live For Crypto. And The only currency in your world is Coin. Then Welcome Home..To The Cryptonite Of Digital Wagering. Where Luck may betray you, And Skill will Create wealth in abundance. ( maybe a cool sub paragraph to follow up the title with?)
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