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  1. Male 44 years old from Denmark in Europe. I am mostly here because I like to promote crypto projects. The daily free spin offer is easy to get sign ups on. So I test to see if I should scale it up. Been in crypto 4 years. So fun and I have learned alot about many things. Little disappointed they changed the prizes for medal system. I was going for that one ;-( It tells me they also could change the ref system overnight so probably stop to promote.
  2. I have just seen the prize adjustment for medels. Not worth going for any more ;-(
  3. OG gambler Royal Straight Flush in poker
  4. Here are a few I would go for myself Referrals 10 referrals - Junior promoter 100 referrals - Senior promoter 500 referrals - Hero promoter 1000 referrals - Legendary promoter Forum 10 messages - Junior writer 100 messages - Senior writer 500 messages - Hero writer 1000 messages - Legendary writer Shitcoiner Play minimum 1 game with all coins hosted - Mr Shitcoiner Chat 100 messages - Junior chatter 1000 messages - Senior chatter 5000 messages - Hero chatter 10000 messages - Legendary chatter Social media expert 10 approved social media posts - Junior social media expert 50 messages - Senior social media expert 500 messages - Hero social media expert 1000 messages - Legendary social media expert Youtuber 1 approved youtube - Junior youtuber 10 approved youtubes - Senior youtuber 25 approved youtubes - Hero youtuber 50 approved youtubes - Legendary youtuber Wninner Winner Winner Weekly most win in a row - Lady Luck
  5. Why? Make some refs. Spin the wheel daily. Do some work to earn. In crypto there are many ways.
  6. JanEmil


    Or hit the wheel one time a day Or make refs using the link in Affiliate - have earned 23$ on mine in a week.
  7. Not that big an issue but Martine gale script - hashdice don't count for the daily task bonos.
  8. JanEmil


    Depends what risk you run with.
  9. All here probably already members. Try to promote on twitter og telegram. In my eyes the cheapest and fastest way to gain refs. I have +100 in less than a week on twitter. The free spin promotion "sell" well.
  10. Faros Crypto Slot Excavations of Egypt’s ancient sites have continued steadily with each new discovery offering insight into the intricacies of a civilization that made striking advances in nearly every area of human knowledge, including art, mathematics, agriculture, engineering and written language. BC.Game Team was on an expedition to a secret tomb where they fund the drawing for this fantastic slot machine.
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